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Aug 30, 2021

Wondering why your rates rise faster than inflation?

Wondering why the bureaucracy is on a hiring spree?

Confused why "Three Waters " is being pushed now?

'Significant Natural Areas' legislation threatening your property?

Wondering why the government is pushing decisions for which it sought no mandate?

Democracy is passé & "global governance" is in. 😉 😏

Don't let the "democracy advisor" hiring spree confuse you. Their job description informs that they will be talking the language of "Standing Orders, Code of Conduct & Local Government Act".

Where does our Local Government lead us to?

Local Government Act leads one to United Nations Local 2030 forum and how all our councils are working towards the United nations goals.

No wonder I don't recognize local government- it no longer serves the LOCALS. It serves the Globalists. Seems national issues cannot be handled by states alone and need global management by trans-national actors.

I quote the World Economic Forum:

"Some organisations have become extraordinarily influential, such as the Gates Foundation, thanks to its work on solving global health problems, or the C40 network of cities, due to its work related to addressing climate change.

Don't we just know how influential these foreign institutions have become eh? 😏 😏 or are we still #bekindbeblind and wondering why our rates, expenses, size of bureaucracy keep rising, endlessly and prohibitively?

Column Author: Jaspreet Boporai. a 42 year old wife, mum of two kids (6, 4) and a dairy farmer. She and her husband manage 1500 cows over two farms in Western Southland for a large equity partnership.

Jaspreet got her degree in accounting from Massey and has also been bookkeeping for the last decade.

She and her husband moved to NZ in 2009, swapping 80 hour weeks in corporate banking for prob longer weeks in farming! (her husband has done his MBA and Jaspreet was a mortgage underwriter in India).

Hailing from Punjab (the epicentre of Indian farmer protests), India's wheat basket, the love of land runs strong in the couple and wanting to go large scale farming got them to New Zealand.

Jaspreet's family has been serving in the Indian army for many generations and nearly 30 years ago, her dad served in the Indian army contingent under the aegis of the United Nations in Africa. Thus, began her interest in all things UN related!

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