Dec 18, 2020

This week RNZ published an article covering everything we need to know about the COVID-19 roll-out in NZ.

A quote that stood out was this:

“Just because a vaccine protects an individual from getting sick, it doesn’t mean it will stop them spreading the disease, which has big implications for protecting whole populations. Experts say that may not be really known until there has been a large roll out.”

Read: Recipients of the fast-tracked, experimental COVID-19 vaccine will essentially be part of a post-market trial.

Despite promoting the article as an “everything you need to know” analysis, we have plenty of questions remaining that were not answered:

  • Will people be advised that they are part of a post-market trial?
  • Our HDC code requires medical professionals to properly inform patients of the potential risks in order for informed consent to be gained. What information will be shared with individuals in order to ensure that they can give informed consent? Will they be advised of the process to follow should they experience an adverse reaction?
  • What additional training will medical professionals and vaccinators receive – specific to these new vaccines using experimental technology – prior to the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign?
  • What preparation is the government making in order to accurately capture, monitor and record an influx of adverse reactions stemming from the portfolio of vaccines?
  • How does the government plan to address the significant under reporting of adverse reactions? (In NZ the MOH have acknowledged a 10% reporting rate, which is much higher than the US at only 1%)
  • How much money they have set aside to pay for the treatment and compensation of those experiencing adverse reactions stemming from the vaccines?
  • How they plan on monitoring whether the vaccine candidates actually prevent infection and transmission of the Rona?
  • What plans does the government have in place to achieve Bloomfield’s 80% vaccination target, when it would appear that they do not have that level of support and enthusiasm in the community?
  • These are just some of the many questions that SHOULD be being asked of our authorities right now but aren’t. Do you have more to add? Drop them in the comments for others to consider. Speak up in social media comment sections or write to or call the relevant reporters, media outlets and health authorities with your questions. By requiring answers we hold these people to account.

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