Aug 01, 2021
COVID-19: Grand Millennium Hotel MIQ worker case likely 'low risk event'vaccination status of interest

Dr. Michael Baker is at it again with more inconsistent statements in today’s news. Look closely – are we now starting to see a switch in messaging with MIQ/border-related cases due to the vaccination status of the employees?

"This is likely to be a low-risk event as this person didn’t have symptoms.”

That hasn’t stopped the panic in the past, has it? What’s changed?

“But he believes Kiwis shouldn’t be too concerned.”

Why, exactly? Because the worker has been jabbed? Dr. Baker, is that your bias starting to show?

“As they were found as part of routine testing, they have had probably little opportunity to go out and infect other people.”

Well, now that’s totally scientific, factual, and evidence-based. We are so glad these experts are here to look out for our well-being.

But seriously, how can he say that right now? What is the duration between testing? Has this person been locked up at home for the entire time between tests? Have they had no interaction at all with other staff or MIQ “guests”? When words like “probably” enter the mix, we know that we are on shaky ground.

“Even if you are vaccinated, there is still the potential for you to get infected.”

Ahh, right, NOW we are starting to get a little closer to truth territory.

So, how does this fit with the messaging around getting the jab to protect others again? Because it seems clear to us (and many others with appropriate qualifications) that at this stage any “benefits” from these products are restricted to limited personal protection only. All for a virus with an incredibly low risk of serious illness or death (Median IFR 0.23%).

Vaccinated people cannot contribute to meaningful herd immunity while they are still able to catch and spread the virus. The vulnerable people will likely remain vulnerable regardless of wide-spread vaccination uptake and having a society of roaming COVID Marys won’t provide any added protection at all – quite the opposite!

Dr. Baker, please explain how vaccinated, yet infected and asymptomatic people can improve this situation?

Just to be clear, we certainly aren’t advocating for lockdowns or more restrictive measures – we are just pointing out the absurdity of it all. Science, logic and common sense have left the building. It only makes sense when you don’t think about it.

Keep your eyes peeled, friends, for the old switcheroo in the sustained propaganda campaign going forward…


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