Apr 27, 2022

In response to some of the hype resulting from the Government & media messaging regarding the new mask exemptions - their own wording states they are OPTIONAL.

✅️ Both the new personalised exemption cards and existing non-personalised exemption cards from the Ministry of Health or the Disabled Persons Assembly are optional for people who are exempt as an aid to them in avoiding discrimination.

✅ ️Exempt persons continue to have the same rights of access to businesses and services irrespective of their optional use of an exemption card." [1]

This is a war of propaganda.

  1. There is no requirement to carry proof of exemption.
  2. Whether one is exempt or not is self regulated.
  3. The question is are you exempt or not. Not whether you have been issued with one or other card.
  4. You may optionally choose to obtain / carry any of the various cards that have been made available.
  5. To date these cards have all been identical. If in the future there is one that is different or “personalised” you may consider whether or not to get one. But it’s not the card that makes you exempt.
  6. The threshold for what constitutes a “genuine” reason is low to non existent. Because it is self regulated. However, even by the Ministry of Health’s own guidelines it is low - see attached.


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