Feb 08, 2022

How refreshing. 🌞

Anna Fifield is editor of Stuff's Wellington newsroom and the Dominion Post.

"I have to confess I laughed when a press release arrived in my inbox last week: “Chief Ombudsman applauds No 1 global ranking in Transparency International index.”

I laughed because I have been shocked since returning to New Zealand at the end of 2020, after two decades reporting overseas, at just how obstructive and deliberately untransparent our public service has become.

But open government appears to be on the wane. This is partly because of the growth in the “communications industrial complex”, where vast battalions of people now work to deflect and avoid, or answer in the most oblique manner possible. We journalists are vastly outnumbered by spin doctors.

But it’s an artfully crafted mirage, as my colleague Andrea Vance wrote last year. “At every level, the Government manipulates the flow of information,” she wrote."

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