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New Series - Ready, Set, Prep!

With Nicole Foss

Voices for Freedom's new MUST-WATCH series!

Join Nicole and Alia for new weekly episodes of Ready, Set, Prep!

This series of 5+ episodes will take a deeper look into the global factors at play with respect to the imminent multi-systems failure on the horizon & what we can DO about it here in NZ.

In particular, we will explore:

  • Financial limits
  • The limits of energy, food, water, and soil 
  • Considerations and solutions at the individual, family, and community level
  • The role of local government - all within the context of the Covid-19 response.


Finding Your Voice Starts With The Facts...

Stay Informed With New Zealand's Fastest Growing Freedom Movement (100,000+ Strong and Counting)

Freedom TV

Beaming into your lounge every Monday night - Set your alarm!

Are you feeling the need for a chat with like-minded peeps who understand that there is much to question about recent global actions? Yep, us too.

Well, we’ve had a fantastic idea! We’re going to beam down into your living room and keep you company. 

Freedom TV is the intelligent, proactive, and curious person's alternative to regular telly or mainstream streaming. It's a place where we can broaden our knowledge, hear different viewpoints, and learn new skills to equip us for future challenges.

We chat with experts and everyday people from New Zealand and all over the world who share their perspectives about freedoms under pressure, international patterns & research in food, health, social, and financial systems, and everything in between!

We’re hoping the episodes will be a welcome panacea from the propaganda fed to us by mainstream media.

All you need is an internet connection and a device to tune in from and you're good to go (no one else can see you in the audience, so you can relax & watch in peace). We look forward to seeing you at one of our regular Monday, Thursday, or Sunday sessions or a special broadcast in between. 

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Voices for Freedom Flyers!

Has your letterbox breathed a sigh of relief to finally see some commonsense slide into its chamber?

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WHO Pandemic Treaty

Have you been hearing about the latest initiative from the World Health Organisation? The proposed changes to the International Health Regulations and the need for an international Pandemic Preparedness Treaty?

Learn more about the WHO's history, funding, connections, and plans that have been discussed in recent times and why we should all be paying attention.


YOU can make a difference.

Our freedoms and wholesome Kiwi way of life are being stripped away from us. 

If we continue on the current course, our children's future will look very different from the one we dreamed of, and they will pay the price for the rest of their lives.


Check out the latest on the blog...

Why should you be concerned about Three Waters?

Why should you be concerned about this? In essence they are taking local water assets by force and culling the voices of

Mixed Messaging for Masking Minors

The government has shoved mask-peddling for students back onto schools. What have they said and what are your rights?

What are the real reasons our health system is overwhelmed?

How is it that the health system is so overwhelmed when we haven't even reached 2019 levels of flu yet?

Covid 19: An alternative response

We campaign for an alternative strategy for COVID-19 than that employed by the New Zealand government and, in particular, we support:

  • A balanced response to Covid-19 that effectively serves our most vulnerable, as well as respecting the rights of the broader population.
  • A New Zealand specific approach to Covid-19 focused on true health and personal empowerment (minus the use of scare tactics, dangerous lockdowns, ineffectual face-coverings, and rushed and experimental medicines as the only solution)
  • Honesty, sound science, true government transparency, a proper health response (including measures to improve overall population health), and the freedom for New Zealanders to choose what is right for themselves and their families without facing discrimination.

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About Us

Voices for Freedom launched in December 2020. We are a non-profit grassroots organisation that has generated a strong network of supporters and volunteers across NZ. 

We provide a platform for relevant and important questions to be raised. We speak up for those who feel silenced and we stand strong against the heavy censorship of any view that opposes the narrow government and media narrative.

We are focused on protecting New Zealander’s fundamental human rights with a particular focus on freedom of speech, health and medical freedom, and all freedoms under attack from an overzealous and oppressive Covid-19 response.

Voices For Freedom is concerned about the heightened levels of anxiety reported in the community following the increase in misinformation and disinformation being spread by mainstream media over the past two years. 

Collectively, this increase generates fear and the potential for irrational responses. When operating from a perspective of irrational fear, the potential for ill-informed, rushed health-related decision-making increases, especially when people are under the illusion that they have no choice.