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The Government has asked for public feedback on the WHO Pandemic Treaties, including:

  • The 300+ amendments to the International Health Regulations– to be sent to the Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • The new Negotiating Text for a new Pandemic Agreement – to be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT)

These two Treaties are due to be voted on by New Zealand and the 193 other member states at the next World Health Assembly meeting scheduled for the end of May 2024.

Under the two Treaties, the WHO will be able to order measures, including significant financial contributions from individual Member States (New Zealand is a Member State), control the science, censor scientific debate, order lockdowns, restrict travel, and force medical examinations and mandatory vaccinations, all in the name of health.
The deadline for feedback on the 300+ amendments is midnight 18 Feb 2024.

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A Bizarre Request…

In a confusing twist, neither of the Treaties scheduled for public feedback is the latest version set to be voted on in May 2024. 

In other words, the government is asking for feedback from the public on versions of the Treaties that will be different from the ultimate versions that New Zealand will vote upon in May 2024. 

Perplexed? Us, too. 

VFF is working with the Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) to understand better when the final versions of the Treaties will be available to the authorities and the public.

We assert that the opportunity for public consultation must occur with the correct version of the Treaties ahead of the May 2024 deadline. 

However, despite this odd situation inviting feedback on out-of-date documents, we are confident that the themes identified in the Treaties will remain in the final versions.

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IHR & Pandemic Agreement Themes

The 300+ IHR amendments include the following themes:

  • A public health emergency won’t need to be real: the WHO will be able to declare a potential (not actual) public health emergency on its own and could extend to climate related issues.
  • New Zealand will have no say on a WHO declared health emergency, even one that occurs within our own borders.
  • The WHO will have the power to order:
    • lockdowns
    • travel restrictions
    • forced medical examinations
    • mandatory vaccinations
  • The fundamental principle of individual human rights is discarded in favour of group concepts of inclusivity and equity.
  • The WHO can direct New Zealand to give money to developing nations.
  • Acceptance of the amendments by the New Zealand government will hand decision making power to the WHO, and the New Zealand public will have no recourse.

The WHO Pandemic Agreement themes include:

  • The loss of freedom of speech. The WHO will control the narrative, it will:
    • Control research and development
    • Censor scientific debate.
    • Target and take down mis- and disinformation, by assisting countries to respond to what it declares an ‘infodemic’.
  • Vaccine manufacturers will be free from liability with countries required to grant indemnities and establish state compensation schemes for the injured.
  • Introduce ‘One Healthwhere the WHO will aim to sustainably balance and optimise the health of people, animals and ecosystems.
  • Require member states to scour their countryside for pathogens, which then need to be supplied to and stored in WHO laboratories. (Will further gain of function research take place?)
  • The WHO will dictate significant financial contributions by individual member states will have to make.

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Get Help with Your Feedback

Use our handy templates to put together your feedback on the WHO’s IHRs and Pandemic Agreement