The 3 Ladies in front of Parliment

Voices For Freedom (VFF) is a not-for-profit grassroots advocacy organisation founded in December 2020 with a focus on protecting New Zealanders’ fundamental human rights: particularly freedom of speech, health and medical freedom, and all freedoms under attack from an overzealous and oppressive Covid-19 response.

We campaign for an alternative strategy for COVID-19 than that employed by the New Zealand government and, in particular, we support:

  • A balanced response to Covid-19 that effectively serves our most vulnerable, as well as respects the rights of the broader population.
  • A New Zealand-specific approach to Covid-19 focused on true health and personal empowerment (minus the use of scare tactics, dangerous lockdowns, ineffectual face-coverings, and rushed and experimental medicines as the only solution)
  • Honesty, sound science, true government transparency, a proper health response (including measures to improve overall population health), and the freedom for New Zealanders to choose what is right for themselves and their families without facing discrimination.

Unfortunately, the threat to our freedoms and way of life doesn’t end with the COVID-19 response. A variety of international and local agendas are at play, requiring a multi-faceted approach. We direct our efforts to grow and invigorate our membership towards what we call “the wobbly middle”. That is: Kiwis who recognise that something isn’t right but aren’t sure what to do or where to find like minds. We provide the tools and the platform to facilitate and encourage individual and collective action as well as a framework for community connection and support.

Learn more about our vision and our founders.