Our Local Coordinators

Where It All Started (Our Backstory)

Voices For Freedom was born to challenge the medical dictatorship thrust upon New Zealanders under the guise of a pandemic response. Long before masking, vaccines, and scanning QR codes were mandated we understood the magnitude of the threat before us, and we took action. 

Our efforts initially focused on supporting everyday Kiwis with resources to stand their ground against medical coercion and to connect them with others in their local communities to strengthen each other’s resolve. As the pressure intensified our membership multiplied to well over 100,000 people nationwide, 40,000 of whom are now connected through our network of 100+ local groups.

Where We’re Headed (a.k.a Our Vision)

Voices For Freedom exists to preserve the inalienable rights of every New Zealander to live freely and make their own decisions without interference, intrusion, or coercion from government or special interests. We stand for core Kiwi values, personal liberty, a restrained government, and for a sovereign New Zealand free from the control of power-hungry global organisations.

Our vision is to have a VFF Local Group presence in every neighbourhood and that Voices For Freedom be in a position to influence the direction New Zealand takes in areas such as economics, culture, politics, and more..

How We’re Going To Get There (a.k.a Our Mission)

Long-lasting freedom and our Kiwi way of life depends on all New Zealanders being able to stand their ground against unjust or illegal mandates, laws, or threats. Our efforts are therefore focused on empowering individuals to peacefully defend their position of personal sovereignty through our campaigns, education resources, and national network of local groups.

We work to reestablish resilience back into local communities, understanding that the tyrants of today will wither away when society regains its strength, integrity, and sense of responsibility. Parliamentary reform will come as a result of empowering, organising, and emboldening more Kiwis to stand their ground when challenged by government injustice.

Our approach is based on our three pillars of freedom:

Advocacy” – this is ongoing and covers much of the legal efforts around supporting court cases, pro bono legal aid, OIA requests, and resources we create for people including, for example, template letters and Parliamentary submissions (objections), making Select Committee appearances and assisting people to legitimately obtain mask exemptions.

Education and Media” – encapsulates our efforts to support people along their journey towards uncovering the truth. This is also ongoing and includes billboards and other media, flyers, pop-ups, webinars, social media, seminars and other online and offline events and resources. And now Reality Check Radio.

Community” – rebuilding the very foundation of our culture. We call this Rebuild Free. This is where local groups and grassroots initiatives play their most important role. It is all about connecting, supporting and activating New Zealanders to stand up and speak out. We have over 100 local groups, over 40,000 local group members. Over 100 local group coordinators volunteer their time weekly while 17 regional coordinators oversee them.

A Personal Note…

What began as three mothers standing up for their convictions has fast become the most revered and influential social movement in New Zealand history, proving that courage is more powerful than fear and that regular people can make a difference when they dare to try.

If you’re aligned with our values, principles, and vision we ask you to act on your convictions and be counted among those able to claim credit for restoring the freedom back to our beloved country.

The easiest way to get involved is by joining your nearest Voices For Freedom local group to get connected with others like you. You’ll find it’s easier to stand for what is right and good when you are surrounded by others doing the same.