Despite the risk of lockdowns, in August 2021, we hosted our very first VFF Conference in Auckland. Over 50 VFF coordinators from up and down New Zealand attended this meeting to connect, reflect and gain a deeper understanding of our strategy.

We discussed the handbook, our experience of being cancelled, some tips for meetings and popup events, our Code of Conduct and more. It was an emotional day of discussion. For many of our coordinators it was the first time they had met in person with others facing the same challenges to educate and organize a local community in opposition to the various agendas being rolled out.

We also unveiled our new pop-up signs specific for the children’s vaccine roll-out. It’s so important that we stand up and speak out for the children of New Zealand.

Thank you to all our coordinators and team members who made the trip to Auckland for this important event. We are so proud of all the work you are doing in your communities. Together, we are raising awareness, pioneering new forms of activism and building resilient networks to weather the storms ahead. We are seeing a rapid increase in demand for what VFF has to offer with new local groups being set up weekly. What we are up against can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we are confident that VFF is the vehicle for change that New Zealand needs.

Voices For Freedom receives funding via donations from thousands of Kiwis. This special weekend would not have been possible without the generous support of our event sponsor, who understood the vision and value of bringing our wider team together in one place.

If you’ve got skills, experience or knowledge that you would like to contribute to this movement for a better New Zealand, send us an email at [email protected]

Snaps From the Weekend