• Four Wins for Sunday

    Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle of running the Voices for Freedom and Reality Check Radio machines, it can be

  • Labour and the Left weren’t the only losers at Parliament…

    There's nothing quite like a quick watch of the infamous two different classes of people "yip, yip" video of

  • Sprinkling crumbs of doubt …

    Will 2024 be the year you up your communication game? People often ask us for tips to speak more

  • The “Missing” Data Explained?

    After speaking with a source this morning, there appears to be a valid explanation for the missing vaccination data

  • Whistle Blower Data Release

    We are aware of an accusation circulating that “VFF were given this [MOH] data a while ago and refused

  • Responsible Sharing

      Last weekend, many watched a video from NZ go viral globally. The video contains several claims regarding the

  • Election, VFF and the Future

    With the final day of voting less than a week away and emotions running high it's important to put what's

  • Dirty Politics, White Knights & A Reality Check

    DIRTY POLITICS, WHITE KNIGHTS & A REALITY CHECK  We are aware of a video doing the rounds making allegations

  • Some Common Sense on “Common Law”

    This is a guest post by Charlie O’Neill. It was originally published in The Light Paper UK  Like many

  • Three years inside the curve with Ashley Bloomfield

    Guest post by Mishaela Daken On Friday 9 June, Whirinaki Whare Taonga, previously known as The Exhibitions Art Gallery