Yes. Voices For Freedom is the trading name of the not for profit organisation legally incorporated and registered in New Zealand having three directors and shareholders Claire Deeks, Alia Bland and Libby Jonson.

VFF is funded through individual donations from thousands of concerned Kiwis. Funding is put towards the various projects we facilitate and the general running costs and overheads of the organisation.

To date major undertakings have included the design, printing and NZ wide distribution of 2 million flyers, design, printing and distribution nationally of thousands of large rally signs, bulk purchase merchandise and clothing, putting on several large Live in person events, hosting weekly webinars 1000+ registrants. New projects underway at this time include more signs, billboards, larger series Live events and more.

Like any well run organisation receiving funding we intend to provide basic information on finances such as to provide accountability and transparency at appropriate junctures and at least annually.