We are creating something special and different in New Zealand, at least so far as the approach is concerned. This means that generally, for the moment, Voices For Freedom will not be officially involved in typical protest events. That said, we 100% support Kiwis standing up and speaking out. This includes supporters of Voices For Freedom who have attended (and continue to attend) many events.

We are proponents of courageous and respectful conversations and a new kind of strategy that doesn’t have traditional protest as a focus. That’s not to say we won’t be visible and out in the streets. We are and we will be even more so in the future. But it’ll be different to the usual. Look out for our pop up surveys and stands in the street.

Unless Voices for Freedom, or one of our local coordinators, advises that we have organised a rally or event – assume Voices for Freedom is not involved. Any large scale public events that we do authorise will be detailed on our website so you can check there too.