The “Missing” Data Explained?

Published On: 4 December 2023| Categories: Editorial| 1.2 min read|

After speaking with a source this morning, there appears to be a valid explanation for the missing vaccination data released by the New Zealand whistleblower, who is now in police custody. 

We hope this information is helpful for analysts around the world to make more sense of the situation.

During New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccination drive, individuals had a choice of the type of location where they could receive an injection.   

These choices were funded via different payment models: 

  1. Bulk-funded providers, including drop-in mass vaccination centres and community mobile vaccination vans, working towards targets.
  2. Smaller pay-per-dose providers, including chemists, GP clinics, etc.  

The payment system data exposed by the whistleblower was the latter of these two options.

Some individuals may have had injections in both settings, which would account for records for some doses and not others.

Also Noteworthy

It could be argued that: 

  • Healthier, able-bodied people would have been more likely to attend the large bulk-funded vaccination centres that processed many people on a drop-in basis.
  • Health-compromised people and/or the elderly would have been more likely to visit smaller providers, including vaccination teams visiting aged care homes, hospices, and the like. 

Voices for Freedom calls on the New Zealand Government to be transparent with NZ’s vaccination data.

To date, there appears to be no official denial of the accuracy of the downloaded Health NZ data set.

If there is nothing to hide, release the full set of anonymised data for both bulk-funded and pay-per-dose providers. 

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