Have you reported your vax reaction to CARM?


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The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (also known as “CARM”) website is administered by the New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre (NZPhvC) and located at https://nzphvc.otago.ac.nz/reporting/.

Voices for Freedom is not affiliated with NZPhvC or CARM. The links and information here are provided so that the public may learn about the existence of CARM and how to make a report.

When a new medicine or vaccine is introduced into a population – especially one that utilises new technology and was fast-tracked through the clinical trials – proper pharmacovigilance practices (safety monitoring and evaluation) should be mandatory. Such practices have not been implemented in NZ and many adverse reactions are being missed as a result.

Reporting is voluntary and passive. When reactions are not acknowledged, assessed, and evaluated safety signals may be missed and warnings go unissued.

Patients must navigate bias from medical professionals who often declare reactions happening in the hours, days, and weeks following the receipt of a COVID vaccine as unrelated. Many people describe having to battle the system to be listened to, properly diagnosed, and treated. This can be a lonely and deflating experience to add to a patient’s already challenging health condition.

It is a popularly held belief that the “system” will be there to help should something go wrong with a vaccination that has been promoted as safe and taken in good faith. It can come as a shock to people to find that such help can be difficult to find.


  • The Ministry of Health admits to a reporting rate of 5% when it comes to the public reporting adverse events from vaccinations in NZ?
  • New Zealand’s health authorities refer to CARM from time to time but the website is not intuitive to find. Voices for Freedom acquired the domain name www.carm.co.nz in order to make it easier for people to find the site and submit their reports.



Many Kiwis have experienced heart-related issues following their Covid vaccine.

Have you or a loved one experienced harm following a Covid vaccine?

Did you know that both patients and medical professionals can report an adverse reaction?

If we are to help others to understand the risks associated with the COVID vaccine, we MUST report all adverse reactions to CARM.