VFF Election 2023 Webinar

There’s been a bit of a hullabaloo recently in respect of terms like “wasted votes” and “re-allocated votes”.

It’s been a popular topic with many of you writing in or texting requests for materials to help you understand what the deal is. As a result we hosted a VFF webinar to cover this (and other basic election information) in September 2023.

Subsequent to this webinar we were made aware of a video doing the rounds making allegations against VFF and RCR. The video alleges that VFF is engaged in a psychological operation referred to in the video as a “psy-op” to mislead voters in the upcoming general election.

Ordinarily, we ignore detractors because if we were to engage with every criticism hurled our way, we would never have achieved everything we have to date. However, due to the disappointing perpetuation of the disinformation by the media platform in question, we felt compelled to address the issues raised.
You can read our response to the allegations here.

VFF Election 2023 Webinar Highlight

VFF Election 2023 Webinar Full Length

In the lead-up to the 2023 General Election, RCR has conducted over 200 political interviews.

These interviews relate to local, national and international politics and include over 150 interviews for our 2023 general election.

In keeping with our philosophy, we have provided information and insight to you, our audience, so that you may weigh your options and make your own educated voting decisions this October.

Our hosts have interviewed leaders and representatives from a wide range of political parties, both major and minor, as well as many respected political commentators.