Did They Say That? Yes, They Did!

Ashley Bloomfield

16 September 2021: Reference here at 32 minutes 15 seconds: 

“It’s increasingly clear, from overseas, that vaccination is highly protective, of people getting unwell and dying from Covid19. The evidence could not be clearer. In countries with high vaccination rates Covid-19 is a pandemic, or an epidemic, of the unvaccinated.”

Chris Hipkins

15 September 2021: Reference here at page 11: 

“What we’re also seeing from overseas is that COVID-19 is morphing into a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So, yes, vaccinated people are affected by it but nowhere near as badly as unvaccinated people are.”

Siouxsie Wiles

21 October 2021: Reference here at 1 hour 30 minutes.

“It’s really clear though that the majority of cases, especially those hospitalised, are people who not vaccinated. So, as we’re seeing around the world, this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

The Advertising Standards Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority recently upheld a complaint about our above “Pandemic of the unvaccinated: Yeah, nah” billboard – holding it to be “misleading” and “not socially responsible”. 

A copy of the ASA decision is here.

A copy of our Appeal of the decision is here.

Why Were They So Wrong?

At the time the statements were made by Bloomfield, Hipkins, and Wiles, data was available to them from other countries that had both high vaccination rates and high rates of COVID-19 infection, such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, and Iceland.

We even made a video on 21 September 2021 exposing the fact that their statements flew in the face of real-time international experience and data.

If you followed the international statistics and data it was easy to see that their remarks were less about the facts and more about pushing propaganda.

Speaking of Propaganda…

Remember this wee doozy?

“We drum in that messaging around the dangers of Covid pretty diligently for a two-week period of sustained propaganda.”


Jacinda Ardern

They Expected the Vaxxed to Get Covid

“We Entirely Expect That People Who Are Vaccinated Will Still Get Covid-19”

Jacinda Ardern
The Government admitted early on (April 2021) that vaccinated people would still catch the virus, develop Covid, and pass it on to others.

Simultaneously, they ran vaccination marketing campaigns that promoted the opposite – getting vaccinated to protect your whanau and community, which was an impossibility.

Which was correct? You be the judge.

Overseas Evidence

Yes, it was ALL available at the time the quotes were made…

United States

On 6 August 2021:

On 6 August 2021 Rochelle Walenksy the Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told CNN: 

“Fully vaccinated people who get a COVID-19 “breakthrough” infection can spread the virus to others even if they are not symptomatic.”

Director Walensky warned that an autumn/winter surge in the COVID “Delta” variant could again see hundreds of thousands of cases per day.” 

[1] (emphasis added)

On 9 August 2021:

Director Walensky was asked about vaccinated people catching COVID-19, specifically the Delta variant, and whether they could pass the virus on to older people.  

Her response: 

“And that’s exactly the point that we made in our guidance. So yes they can with the Delta variant. And that was the reason that we changed our guidance last Tuesday. Umm…our vaccines are working exceptionally well, they continue to work well for Delta with regard to severe injury and death. They prevent it. But what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.” 

[2] (emphasis added)

On 30 August 2021:

Again from Director Walensky (still almost two months prior to the first public servants’ statements): 

“Another piece of data that we have been looking at is our international colleagues who are ahead of us both in the Delta surge as well as … a few weeks ahead of us in terms of large portions of their population that have been vaccinated… Data we’ve seen from our international colleagues, specifically and especially Israel, have demonstrated a worsening of infections amongst vaccinated people over time… And so, we remain concerned about that as we see in the context of Delta variant some breakthroughs that are occurring umm and decrease vaccine effectiveness that is occurring in the context of infection, umm we are watching other countries carefully … the experience of other countries carefully and concerned that we too will see what Israel is seeing which is worsening infections over time.”    

[3] (emphasis added)

United Kingdom

20 August 2021: [5]

“Vaccine breakthrough rate for Delta infections still increasing.”
The Public Health England Technical Briefing Reports were also a treasure-trove of information that showed the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” claims to be pure disinformation.

Check out that Death column…


6 September 2021:[6]

“Most Hospitalizations In Israel Are ‘Vaccinated’… Breakthough Infections Skyrocketing.”

Israel’s high vaccination rates…

9 September 2021:[7]

“Israel is struggling with COVID-19, despite high vaccination rates. What lessons can Australia learn?”

High case rates despite the high vaccination rates…

And, high numbers of fully vaccinated individuals represented in the cases…


Iceland was ahead of the majority of countries in the world with its vaccination programme. 

By the time Bloomfield and Hipkins’made their public comments in September 2021, Iceland had already vaccinated 82% of their eligible population.

Despite the high vaccination rates in Iceland, Covid-19 (Delta) surged on…

News reports stated that around 77% of the cases were vaccinated individuals…


At the time of Bloomfield and Hipkins’ comments, Singapore had vaccinated 79.7% of its population.

Their Ministry of Health data clearly showed that the vast majority of new Covid cases were fully vaccinated.


On 26 August 2021:[4]

“As COVID-19 cases rise through parts of the country, experts expect the number of infections among fully vaccinated people will increase with them.”

Their Statements Weren’t True Then

…And They Aren’t True Now