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Our uniform! A Voices for Freedom t-shirt is an essential piece of kit for any Kiwi passionate about retaining our freedoms here in New Zealand. Wear one to spark conversation with curious strangers when out and about as well as when attending events organised by us – who knows, you might just make some new friends!

These cheerful blue and green tees are also a signal to other freedom-loving Kiwis that you’re a part of the tribe – a fellow questioning soul. Buy one for yourself, your family and your special friends too!

Please remember that when you wear a Voices for Freedom t-shirt you represent our community. One where people act with integrity, honour, and respect, even when opposed or challenged.

Note: Women’s size small can also be used for a child’s tee and will fit average-sized kids 8-12 years. Small men’s tees are also good for older boys (12-14).

Fabric composition: 100% cotton.


Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
S 44 65
M 49 66
L 54 69
XL 59 71
2XL 64 72


Size Width (cm) Length (cm)
S 46 70
M 51 73
L 56 76
XL 61 78
2XL 66 81
3XL 71 84

* Please note measurements can vary within 2.5cm.

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