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As we look back in the rearview mirror to 2022, plenty of us are happy to step on the gas and speed away from what was, for many, an atrocious year.

However, while there are many things we would gladly never see again, we are also thankful for the challenges that unearthed our hidden strengths and showed us what we were truly capable of.

As cruel policies of totalitarian segregation upended our lives, we found each other. We built networks, invented alternatives, and found clever ways around oppressive policies. Instead of abandoning our humanity to comply with the masses, we made sacrifices and endured hardship to stand up and say NO – together.

The relentless tyrannical behaviour from smiling, ‘kind’ leaders flushed out the dissidents; those with strong values, integrity, grit, and loving and generous hearts shone like beacons in the night.

We helped each other to move through the grief, anxiety, anger, and despair to reimagine our lives, now filled with genuine connection, courage, gratitude, innovation, and adaptability.

We survived, and in many ways, we thrived.

In the wake of all we have endured, experienced, and achieved…

…Rolling out trite Happy New Year platitudes just didn’t feel right.

While we wholeheartedly hope you and your loved ones experience happiness and joy in 2023, we know that this year is likely to bring even more challenges requiring us to continue to dig deep and build on the strengths we’ve all developed over the past few years.

So, we’ve put together a list of 7 wishes for you and our VFF community…

7. May your values shine through in all that you do

Holding firm to our values and principles will be paramount in 2023. So many of us stand up and speak out because of our love for our families, our friends, our country, and the Kiwi way of life. Compassion for one another and the unique experiences we all face will continue to be required when interacting with our freedom friends and our critics.

6. May your determination remain strong

As the authorities keep pushing their ‘solutions’ for contrived ‘problems,’ our tenacity will be put to the test. May your ability to resist, learn, educate, and seek alternatives be supported by those around you with practical solutions, encouragement, and opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

5. May your plans and actions be guided by wisdom

Successfully achieving plans requires vision, judgement, patience, and self-restraint. Having a public rant or making an angry post about the latest ridiculous, outrageous, or criminal move by the authorities or media is the easy thing to do. Zipping our lips, sitting on our hands, and waiting for the emotions to pass before making a comment or taking action is much more difficult. And yet, if we want to be effective, it is what we must do. May 2023 provide the wisdom to wait, observe, calculate and act with precision.

4. May you navigate hurdles with flexibility and nimbleness

Many of us grew up in a time when good old-fashioned Kiwi ingenuity was the norm. May 2023 see the return of number-8-wire thinking, the development of chewing-gum-like mental agility, and the ability to skillfully navigate tricky situations like a tip-toeing ninja!

3. May those who have caused harm face accountability and justice

We have all been touched in some way by the actions of the authorities over the past three years. For some, the harm experienced has been light, while the impact has been utterly devastating for others. For those who’ve been injured, may 2023 bring new discoveries and healing. This year, we will all play a role in driving accountability for the callous disregard towards the health and well-being of Kiwis from myopic Covid-related policies. The key to change is in the number of people speaking up, and each of us can work to tip the balance, one conversation at a time.

2. May you retain a positive vision for the future and strive towards making it a reality

While it can be easy to succumb to doom-scrolling and the enormity of the situation upon us, the heavier weight on the seesaw must be that of hope, optimism, trust, faith, and belief in a better future. Our focus creates our reality. May your awareness remain sharp and your heart remain light when creating a brighter tomorrow.

1. May your opportunities for participation be many

Things are always more fun when we work together! We know it can sometimes feel like a bother to leave the house and get involved in local activities. Still, the feedback we regularly receive is how grateful people are for the life-changing support and companionship they’ve found through their local VFF groups. 2023 is the year to jump in boots n’ all – teamwork for the win!

As for us here at VFF…

We have some exciting plans in the 2023 pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you all!

In the meantime, we will continue to:

  • Grow and connect our community by providing an accessible entry point to the freedom movement.
  • Equip Kiwis with credible information and resources to educate and empower people to stand up and speak out for what is right.
  • Highlight the flaws, inconsistencies, risks and harms of global trends and public and private initiatives.
  • Remain light-hearted while we keep on keeping on, no matter the nonsense thrown our way.
  • Be the down-to-earth, strong, sturdy team you’ve come to trust.


Alia, Libby & Claire xo

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