70% Of NZ's Covid Deaths Were Boosted

70% Of NZ’s Covid Deaths Were Boosted

Published On: 21 September 2022| Categories: Editorial| 4.3 min read|

by Cam Slater

Jacinda Ardern famously stated that if you were vaccinated and boosted, “You won’t get sick, and you won’t die.” She also said that Covid was a disease of the unvaccinated and the virus was literally hunting them down. But the latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that neither of those statements was even remotely true, and that 70 per cent of all Covid deaths are people who were boosted.


Just a reminder, in case you’ve forgotten Ardern’s lies:

“People who are vaccinated will still get Covid-19, it just means that they won’t get sick”

“Safe and effective,” she said, again and again. I wonder how many of those dead thought about what she said as they lay dying.

I wonder if it is called a booster because it boosts your chances of dying.

What angers me is that none of this should have been a surprise to anyone had our politicians and our media even bothered to watch and report what is happening around the world.

New Zealand has been a laggard right the way through this whole episode. Now we are playing catch-up and the future does not look at all positive.

Undertakers are experiencing a rush of business with Australians dying in abnormally high numbers in a ‘worrying’ trend doctors can’t explain.

Martin Masson, who is managing director of Tribute Funeral Services in the western Melbourne suburb of Ravenhall, said there is no shortage of work for him and others in the industry as official figures confirm Aussies are dying at a higher rate in 2022.

“We’ve been consistently busy now since the first of this year,” Mr Masson told Daily Mail Australia.

“We have certainly seen an increase in the need for our services as have done a lot of other directors.”

Mr Masson believed more working age Australians are dying but doesn’t have specific statistics to back this.

“We certainly have seen a distinct shift back to people in their 60s, 50s and even late or mid 40s and even younger,” he said.

Daily Mail Gee, what did we do differently for the past two years? Could it be…? Maybe the ‘experts’ will know?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms Australians have been dying at rate higher than normal this year.

When mortality rates climb above historical averages, without being explicable by having an ageing population, they are termed ‘excess deaths’.

“There has been excess mortality recorded in 2022 across all months, with both the number of deaths and the rate of death generally higher than historical averages,” an ABS spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia.

“In May, there were 16,124 deaths, which is 13.5 per cent higher than the average of deaths we would normally see occurring in May (14,202).”

Covid was a substantial proportion of those deaths with 862 deaths “directly attributable to the virus in May”.

However, there were also more than the expected number of deaths from dementia, diabetes and ischaemic heart diseases.

Daily Mail It’s like they are all putting their fingers in their ears and screaming lalalala…no idea what is causing this.

Peak doctors’ body the Australian Medical Association (AMA) told Daily Mail Australia it was ‘worrying’ that deaths are climbing and it reflected what is being seen overseas.

“We have seen the ABS statistics that mirror a worrying trend in other countries like the UK,” AMA President Professor Steve Robson said.

Britain has seen a 10 per cent increase above what would be the expected number of deaths since April.

The main causes have been cited as circulatory diseases and diabetes.

Prof Robson said it was unclear what was driving the excess deaths in Australia.

“There needs to be some research into why this is happening,” he said.

You’d think they’d realise that the ONLY thing different from previous years was the mass injection of people with what is increasingly looking like a dreadful and often fatal unproven medicine.

It’s like these dolts have forgotten what Occam’s Razor is.

New Zealanders will start to realise this soon too. It’s coming, as sure as night follows day. By the middle of next year we too will have excess deaths increasing alarmingly.

Then the blame game will start. It will be brutal and it will be harsh. Labour will get pasted and National should too. I’m especially looking at Chris “Get Boosted” Bishop. I’ve saved all his tweets and next year I will remind him that he is just as culpable for the carnage that vaccines have caused.

No wonder ‘experts’ are quietly resigning and shuffling off to retirement. Politicians are far more shameless and infected with astonishing narcissism: they won’t quit, they’ll have to be dragged from office.

We absolutely must have a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Labour Government’s $60 billion Covid response and action. Only then can we begin to understand how 92% of the population lost their minds and allowed the other 8% to be treated like they were worse than child rapists.

Read the original article from the BFD HERE

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