A Courageous Conversation With The Agricultural Action Group

A Courageous Conversation With The Agricultural Action Group

Published On: 2 August 2021| Categories: Agenda 21/2030| 1.4 min read|

Courageous Convos is a weekly live webinar hosted by Voices For Freedom co-founders (Claire, Alia & Libby) with a special guest.

This week’s guests are Heather-Meri Pennycook and Robert Wilson from the Agricultural Action Group who bring us up to speed with what’s been going on in the agriculture / farming sector.

Watch the webinar here.

Are you concerned about the future of farming and small rural communities? The fact is that this concerns everyone of us here in NZ.

  • 🤔 New freshwater regulations
  • 🤔 1 October sowing deadline
  • 🤔 Consent requirements for farming activities eg 10degree paddock sowing resource consent’s
  • 🤔 SNA [Significant Natural Area] – property confiscation
  • 🤔 Carbon tax
  • 🤔 ETS [Emissions Trading Scheme]
  • 🤔 Removal of rural services;
  • 🤔 CFMP’s Certified Farm Management Plans
  • 🤔 FWMP’s Fresh Water Management Plans
  • 🤔 15 – 50% stock reductions
  • 🤔 Removal of fossil fuel vehicles, natural gas …….. and the list goes on…

Why are farmers being targeted first and what is the Globalist plan moving forward? What is the remedy for this – for farmers and everyone else?

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Website: https://aag.org.nz/

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