A Legacy Of Division

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A few days have passed since our Single Source Of Truth emotionally announced her departure from the role of Prime Minister of New Zealand. Many have nursed sore heads from the subsequent celebrations.

Unfortunately, along with the sore heads exist sore hearts…

Amongst us are those who remain concerned about what comes next, confident that this event is no more than a changing of the guard, with ideological agendas continuing to steamroll forward regardless of who is leading or the colour of the team.

And we tend to agree.

However, the woman stepping down as our nation’s leader tomorrow will always be inextricably tied to the personal and societal consequences of her decisions as PM. Her choices impacted us in ways that have altered us for life.

Yes, the captured media were ever-present in their boot-licking, cheerleading role, and fellow government ministers and officials played their dastardly parts. But, at the end of the day, it is her face we picture when we think of the cruel wrongs meted out to hundreds of thousands of Kiwis.

At press conference after press conference, on Live after Live on Facebook and Instagram: Jacinda made it personal.

During the Covid years, Jacinda delivered her unique version of ‘kindness.’ A kindness celebrated by the globalist media, incapable of looking beyond the toothy smiles and 24/7 publicly-funded spin.

Our national news, television, and radio stations are even more unbearable than usual in the wake of the announcement with their blinkered, woke gush.

If the definition of kindness is:

  • Delivering speeches with the practiced fake warmth and sweetness of a cup of poisoned hot chocolate;
  • Forcing insincere smiles while rigidly advancing a totalitarian ideological agenda that accepts human suffering and divided societies as acceptable collateral damage, and
  • An inability to admit fault, wrongdoing, or to offer a genuine apology…

…then Jacinda is the kindest of them all.

Evening up the balance

Given the lopsided reporting and merriment from the international and national mainstream press, we’re lumping some weight on the opposite scale pan to shore up the balance.

We’ve whittled down our list to nine standout examples of Jacinda’s tyrannical legacy that captured media continue to ignore:

  1. In an attempt to rival China’s ‘Zero Covid’ lockdown policy, Jacinda announced early in the pandemic that her government was to be our single source of truth. Dissenting opinions, positions, and evidence contrary to the government’s official narrative were wholly unacceptable and swiftly dismissed as mis- and disinformation by an ever-changing flock of flying monkeys. Official groups were formed and funded to monitor and counter this ‘dangerous speech’ by publicly attacking those daring to oppose the triple-headed monster of government, media, and academia.
  2. Jacinda sought to unite Kiwis with her ‘Team of Five Million’ slogan, engendering warm-fuzzy feelings of togetherness and unity, only to violently splinter the ‘team’ into distinct and disparate groups. Those who willingly chose to take an experimental pharmaceutical product from a company with a history of conviction for fraudulent behaviour on one side and those who refused on the other. Her infamous response to a journalist asking whether her move sought to create a two-class society in NZ, “that it is what it is, yep, yep,” is up there with the worst dictators in history.
Billboard on creating two classes of people
  1. She gleefully trampled on our human rights as she imposed brutal lockdowns, unethical border control measures, extreme censorship, and the medication of the population through propaganda and force.
  2. Her policies ensured that people died alone; funerals and tangi were made impossible; mothers gave birth without family support; crucial medical diagnoses and treatments were delayed or abandoned; weddings and other significant life celebrations were missed, downsized, and restricted by medical status; babies born overseas were denied their citizenship; physical and mental health suffered; education tanked; and people lost businesses, homes, employment, relationships, and lives.
  3. She utterly destroyed families.
  4. Jacinda oversaw a team who insisted they were ‘following the science’ with transparent, evidence-based policy dedicated to prioritising public health. Instead, she delivered a programme committed to:
    • ignoring serious safety signals from the experimental injectable;
    • favouring pharmaceutical industry profits over informed consent and population wellness;
    • suppressing alternatives and the role of baseline health, and
    • casting aside the injured as the cost of doing business.
  1. She lied. Repeatedly. One of her most egregious lies was pretending to care about the well-being of our children while simultaneously defying expert advice to proceed with caution when rolling the Covid jab out to kids over concerns about heart damage.
  2. Jacinda misused her privileged position on the international stage to attack free speech, where she likened this fundamental human right to a weapon of war and urged world leaders to treat it as such.
  3. She leaves in her wake a country on its knees. We face a recession. Our health and education systems are in tatters. Our primary industries are hamstrung by global agendas playing out in New Zealand’s fields via unworkable restrictions and conditions. Millions have been spent on massively unpopular centralisation and vanity projects. The cost of living and housing crises spell hardship for many families, especially our most vulnerable.

End of an Error – Watch the video here.

On being a woman?

The jubilant response to Jacinda’s resignation has nothing to do with her being a woman. Had she been a man, people would have felt the same disappointment, disgust, and disdain for her actions and the same joy at her decision to leave. The reaction we are witnessing has nothing to do with misogyny and everything to do with broken trust, hurt, pain, and suffering.

So, for now…

We rejoice in farewelling a leader responsible for so many broken hearts – physically and metaphorically. We also understand that her leaving makes way for a new brand of tyrant to fill the gap.

Regardless of who is in the job, our task remains the same:

  • to defend and preserve the rights and freedoms of New Zealanders
  • to hold those responsible for harm accountable for their actions
  • and to educate, inform, empower, and connect people so we may preserve the Kiwi way of life – together.

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