Baby Will And The Issue Of Safe Donor Blood

Published On: 4 December 2022| Categories: Editorial| 1.5 min read|

This week the parents of baby Will head back to court to continue to fight for their right to request unvaccinated donor blood for their son’s heart surgery.

The suggestion from the health authorities to remove this baby from the loving arms of his mother and father, effectively overriding their legitimate safety concerns, is detestable. This attempt to intervene is monstrous; any parent knows the harm this likely causes to all parties concerned. Also, Will is likely to receive a lesser degree of care than his parents seek.

The last few weeks have seen all hands to the pump, with so many in the freedom community doing their utmost to help Will’s parents achieve the very best outcome for their son.

The VFF team has been helping mainly behind the scenes, using our networks to identify potential blood donors and provide practical support to the family.

Our Head of Legal has been assisting with the court case, securing affidavits and expert witness reports, including one from Dr. Byram Bridle, for Tuesday’s court session. Byram specifically addressed the issue of the potential risks from vaccinated blood donation in our interview last weekend.

Claire and I tackled the topic of safe donor blood with Michael Laws on our Free Speech Fridays slot on The Platform this week, which resulted in a fairly hefty discussion. Engaging in open debate on critical issues is essential during these times and we hope that this discussion presented valid arguments to a broader audience.

This week our local group networks will be dedicating their pop-up events to raising awareness of the issue of safe blood donation standards and practices. If you would like to be involved with this action in your area please get in touch with your local group coordinator.


Not in a local group? You can register here.

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