Bare Faced

Bare Faced

Published On: 29 April 2022| Categories: Editorial| 2 min read|

Every time I go to the supermarket I keep an eye out for other bare, unmasked faces.

Normally, until about Feb this year, I was fairly consistently the only one.

Then I started noticing more. One or two per visit. Slowly growing.

More people began approaching me to remark on how nice it was to SEE a smiling face – the lack of personal connection was getting to them.

Last night, I went to the supermarket and saw not one, nor two happy-free-faces, but six… SIX!

Seems to me that the latest moves to try and confuse people about the “need” to apply-to-the-government to obtain a new personalised exemption card may fall flat.

This isn’t China and they aren’t the CCP (yet!).


In shops no one even asks any more. Not at the supermarket, cafes, retail – nowhere.

They’re all just desperate to take your money after 2 years of being starved and abused by lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions on trading.

I have been asked by desperate security guards and even an airport police officer how they can go about getting themselves an exemption. It’s crazy how many people just aren’t aware of the law. 📃

The current legislation allows for exemptions and those exemptions are self-determined.

Their own words…

“You also do not need to wear face mask if: you have a physical or mental health illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face mask unsuitable.

You do not have to show a Communication Card if you cannot wear a face mask — but it may help you feel more comfortable.”

A person is not required to provide a reason by way of disclosing private medical information to strangers and never has been. In 2 years I have not been asked by anyone to volunteer such information, and had I been pressed for it I would likely have taken my custom elsewhere.

So, if you determine yourself to fit the criteria to be exempt, now is a good time to pluck up the courage to toss that ineffective, filthy, germ-laden, oxygen-depriving face-nappy in the bin where it belongs.


Next time I’m out I hope to see your free, smiling face shining brightly to others as a beacon of hope that sanity still exists amongst the madness.

Alia x

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