Censorship Is The Tool Used When The Lie Loses It's Power

Censorship Is The Tool Used When The Lie Loses It’s Power

Published On: 13 April 2022| Categories: Editorial| 4.3 min read|

The other day the Unite against COVID-19 page posted this promo to encourage 16-17 year olds to go and get their third dose.

Having heard far too many stories of heart damage in this age group, I added a comment regarding the need for proper informed consent processes to be followed.

It is important for our young people to understand the types of symptoms to be mindful of as pushing through with physical exertion has been known to worsen the situation.

Any parent of teens knows that having some fine-print on a piece of paper (that very few read) is not enough to drive home an important point. That information MUST be spelled out through discussion so that young person fully understands.

The comment went on to gather over a hundred subcomments from people sharing their experiences (now deleted by the Unite admin) and of course there were trolls in there sprinkling their love and joy around as well 🤣

The thread forced Unite admin to post a detailed comment regarding the symptoms of myocarditis and pericarditis to watch for, which SHOULD really have been up-front in the body of the promo text. Good. ✅️

Further into the discussion they warned me about sharing “disinformation”, a bold claim made without any reference to specifics. I have asked twice and received no response. So, I went looking through my comments…

I noticed one was missing, presumed deleted. It was a long comment I made about knowing dozens and dozens of people who have had heart issues post-jab. I know because I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone with these poor people over the past 12 or so months.

One person I spoke with had THREE cases of heart issues within their immediate family – the mum and two of her teenage sons. All suffering from a mix of chest pain, tightness, racing heart rate, tiredness and fatigue… All hospitalised multiple times.

This IS happening in our country and calling it ‘disinformation’ will not make it go away.

In that deleted comment I also outlined the problems as I saw them, having lived and breathed this issue over the past 2 years.

👉🏼 Patients experiencing adverse reactions frequently encounter medical professionals with a clear bias affecting their judgement. Many are not prepared to make any connection to the patient in front of them with serious symptoms and the product they just took. This results in under-reporting and patients sent home with an inappropriate diagnosis and prescription.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people with heart troubles being fobbed-off with panadol and ibuprofen and a label of ‘anxiety’, only to return back to the hospital with worsened symptoms days later.

👉🏼 There is no provision made for the time and resources it takes medical professionals to report adverse events to the CARM system. This is a serious issue if we want anything remotely accurate in terms of a true grasp of the actual numbers out there.

👉🏼 Censoring of medical professionals who DO see the problems before them is a real thing.

Those who do happen to make the connection are regularly shut down and prevented from openly discussing their concerns. The involvement of the Medical Board is a constant threat dangling over the heads of doctors with a conscience.

Doctors describe being unable to provide exemptions to patients who have experienced an adverse reaction even though they believe it would be unsafe for them to take any further doses.

The system cannot allow any form of admission that there are problems with this product and as such victims are routinely placed in harm’s way in order to continue the charade.

👉🏼 Proper pharmacovigilance. This is the process of having a system in place to monitor the effects of medical drugs after they have been licensed for use, especially in order to identify and evaluate previously unreported adverse reactions.

In a country where the Government actually CARED for the people and took responsibility for the experimental product they have recommended to every single member of the public, you would think this would be a top priority.

The MOH has acknowledged that our passive reporting system captures around 5% of the adverse reactions experienced by people in this country.

The system should not only be in place, but it should be MANDATORY to report ANY temporally (time related) reaction to a centralised system for collation and monitoring.

It should never be up to an individual medical professional to make the final judgement as to whether a new-onset health condition is related to the product their patient just took or whether or not it needs to be included in the stats. Any reaction should be automatically reported in a timely manner and there should be resources and funding allocated to ensure this happens.

‼️ Did you believe this was already happening in NZ? That the system was set up to ensure proper monitoring for safety?

Surprised that it’s not?

We should ALL be asking why New Zealanders are being failed in such an unethical and disgraceful way.

Ask the questions.

Demand the answers.

Do the right thing. 👊🏼

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