Conflicts Of Interest In The Science Of Climate Change

Conflicts Of Interest In The Science Of Climate Change

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“Conflicts of interest”

With all the pains our advisors – lawyers/accountants etc go to ensure they mitigate any potential conflicts of interest, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the science of climate change and the conclusions drawn from it, which lead to legislation which affect us all would have no “conflicts of interest”.

You’d be wrong.

In fact you’d be lightyears away from any possibility of being right.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a UN agency.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS)- is an international/ intergovernmental platform for food security. CFS reports to the UN and to the FAO.

Both FAO and the CFS are funded by the Gates Foundation.

For FAO, Gates funds “statistical research” to “fill in gaps in information”. He was also a keynote speaker at their annual conference earlier in July and highlighted how agriculture is on the way out due to climate change.

Now, Gates is a philanthropist and the trail of the Gates foundations’ agricultural grants over past two decades show $6 billion given away.

One third of the money never left North America (dished out to Universities , creating ” experts” , funding “independent” research).

One third of it went to two organizations that (surprise! ) were set up by Gates foundation:

  • The CGIAR -Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research
  • The AGRA – the Alliance for a Green revolution in Africa

While, the independence of “CGIAR” and “AGRA” would be debatable, what’s more damning is the carnage wrought by the latter in Africa.

In 14 years, AGRA has collected nearly a billion dollars and disbursed $524 million, in 13 African countries, pushing commercial seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides plus technology packages supported by about $1 billion per year in subsidies from African national governments.

The result:

  • increased indebtedness
  • climate-resilient
  • native crops have been displaced by supported crops such as maize
  • Monsanto’s GMO cotton (pushed by Gates) has destroyed African cotton which led to adverse environmental effects
  • decreased crop diversity and
  • a 30% increase in hunger in these 13 countries.

Now, we are told by Gates foundation that climate change has led to 30% drop in harvests and there’s no future in agriculture!

So, what are we supposed to eat?

Enter “Impossible foods”, “Memphis Meats”, “Beyond Meats” – all Bill Gates-backed ventures, which has over 100 patents pending for a variety of lab-made foods.

Guess the name of Gates’ latest book – “How to avoid a climate disaster”?

So all the billions of $$$ given away, funding experts, unbiased research , destroying African agriculture and of course, the gems from Gates’ latest books are what lead to the unworkable legislations we’re faced with.

How’s that for “conflict of interest”?

Oh and to add insult to injury, Ms. Agnes Kalibata of Rwanda – is the Special Envoy for 2021 Food Systems Summit, someone who’s overseen Rwanda’s agricultural sector systematically destroyed. But she’s the one who’ll be preaching to all, including New Zealand farmers, who will be represented at the summit.

And I haven’t even touched on how “school strikes for climate”, “climate marches”, “Greenpeace”, “Oxfam” – all of whom are putting up targeted Facebook adverts pushing climate hysteria, threat of nitrate poisoning etc. on folks are funded by the “resourceful” Mr.Gates.


Column Author: Jaspreet Boporai. a 42 year old wife, mum of two kids (6, 4) and a dairy farmer. She and her husband manage 1500 cows over two farms in Western Southland for a large equity partnership.

Jaspreet got her degree in accounting from Massey and has also been bookkeeping for the last decade.

She and her husband moved to NZ in 2009, swapping 80 hour weeks in corporate banking for prob longer weeks in farming! (her husband has done his MBA and Jaspreet was a mortgage underwriter in India).

Hailing from Punjab (the epicentre of Indian farmer protests), India’s wheat basket, the love of land runs strong in the couple and wanting to go large scale farming got them to New Zealand.

Jaspreet’s family has been serving in the Indian army for many generations and nearly 30 years ago, her dad served in the Indian army contingent under the aegis of the United Nations in Africa. Thus, began her interest in all things UN related!

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