Myocarditis Is Not Mild

Myocarditis Is Not Mild

Published On: 20 September 2022| Categories: Covid 19 Vaccine| 4.7 min read|

Our thoughts are with Rory’s loved ones today following the announcement of the decision by the coroner that the 26 year old’s death was a result of the Covid injection he received.

We cannot begin to imagine the whirlwind of emotions swirling right now for Rory’s family and friends. Yes, the authorities have admitted his death was due to the jab. But no decision, however true, will bring Rory back.

Rory’s death is a result of the NZ Government’s rush to roll out a new product to the entire population without first conducting the proper safety testing.

This past year saw attempts by many, including VFF, to highlight the serious health risks related to this product.

Myocarditis is not mild. It is serious and it continues to affect countless young people post the you-know-what.

The Thai Study

A recent study out of Thailand followed 301 teens aged 13-18 years after their second dose of the Covid injection and found a 29.24% rate of cardiac issues impacting these kids. The issues ranged from tachycardia and palpitation to myopericarditis.

That is almost three in every ten jabbed kids experiencing an issue with their hearts. Let that sink in.

Myopericarditis was confirmed in one participant post-jab. TWO more had suspected pericarditis and FOUR patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis.

We are not talking about the hiccups here.

Myocarditis and pericarditis are serious heart conditions. These six kids had markers that indicated heart inflammation despite the fact that they had not yet experienced physical symptoms that would normally signal a problem.

Silent Harm

How many people could this subclinical condition be affecting? What checks are we doing to ensure people are not at risk in NZ? Our young people. Those with virtually no risk from the virus they are supposedly being ‘protected’ from.

Without the proper independent research being carried out, how can anyone have confidence in the safety of these products?

New Zealand has a curious case of elevated all-cause deaths right now. Many other countries are also experiencing this concerning pattern.

Dr. John Campbell, a researcher and nurse specialist in the UK, highlighted the following excess death rates in Europe in a video published yesterday:

  • Iceland, + 55.8%
  • Spain +37%
  • Cyprus +33%
  • Greece +31%
  • Portugal, +28.8%
  • Switzerland, +25.9%
  • Italy, + 24.9
  • Austria, + 17.5%
  • Slovenia, + 16.5%
  • Ireland, + 16.3%
  • Germany, +15.2
  • Norway + 14.8%
  • The Netherlands, + 14.7%
  • Croatia, + 14.6%
  • France, + 14.1%
  • Estonia + 12.3%
  • Luxemburg + 11.%%
  • Denmark +10.3%

Insurance actuaries in the US have stated that a 10% increase in deaths could be expected following a significant natural disaster. Many of the countries above are well above this 10% threshold without any natural disasters…

Could there be a correlation between this excess mortality and the global rollout of a brand-new product?

We do know that research from Israel showed there to be a connection between the vaccination rollouts and a corresponding spike in cardiac-related emergency service callouts.

The general public of NZ is oblivious to such data and findings because our reporters and journalists refuse to listen. The Government and mainstream media continue to turn the mother of all blind eyes.

Misinformation & The Covid Shot

VFF spoke out about the risk of myocarditis from the very first signal emerging out of Israel.

We raised the alarm on Facebook before our page was removed. We were labelled as misinformation spreaders and ridiculed for inventing problems where supposedly there were none.

We attended public information sessions held at Auckland University and snuck in on IMAC industry zoom calls to find out what was being said in this space and to pose the questions that were not being asked.

Our demands were simple: We continue to advocate for easy access to transparent information, research, and evidence so that Kiwis can make informed decisions regarding their own health.

Nothing of the sort transpired.

Propaganda Reigned

Instead of properly informing the public of the facts, New Zealanders were subjected to the most intense propaganda campaign many of us have ever witnessed in our lifetimes.

Lies were told so often they became true in the minds of the masses.

Research was routinely cherry-picked or intentionally buried.

Kiwis were tricked, bribed, and coerced into making decisions many would not have made had they received the full set of facts.

Justifications were made for departures from industry standards. Ethics were flung out the window. Legislation protecting our human rights was overridden and ignored.

‘Safe and effective’ messaging was pervasive. Campaigns dominated TV, radio, newspapers, online news platforms, social media, billboards, flyers, bus stops, and more. For months on end, Kiwis soaked in a propaganda soup.

Questions were not tolerated and those who dared to ask were swiftly turned on by the media machine and mob mentality. It didn’t matter that there was a lack of evidence to back up the Government’s claims – the narrative pushed on regardless.

But, Something Has Changed

The truth is finally starting to shine through the cracks in the narrative. It isn’t pretty. Statistics are becoming hard to ignore. Rulings are being made that admit harm was and still is possible. That the authorities failed in their duty of care.

Restrictions have eased and people are starting to talk. Everyday Kiwis are acknowledging the niggle that something wasn’t and isn’t right. Faces have been freed and with that a social permission to finally speak.

Now is the time to engage and to listen. To give those starting to awaken the opportunity to be heard. Through listening comes the connection our society desperately needs. It is time to turn away from the Government and media’s attempts to further societal divisions and begin the task of repairing the harm done – one person and conversation at a time.

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