EAT A Science-Based Global Platform For Food Systems

EAT A Science-Based Global Platform For Food Systems

Published On: 13 April 2021| Categories: Editorial| 2.2 min read|

The UN food summit email just popped into my mailbox, with a whole lot of ‘supporting’ (not!) documentation.

For anyone remotely interested in agriculture or even seeing how United Nations directs our lives like a master puppeteer, I’d urge you to sign up to ‘ the Science-based global platform for food systems’ i.e.

Attached are some key points to note for the next online food summit I’ve been invited to, on 20th April, all aimed at destroying the market for dairy and meat.

  1. Dairy and meat currently are responsible for 14% of the world’s greenhouse emissions but somehow, are projected to reach 80% of emissions by 2050!
  2. From above, it follows that we need to tax dairy and meat products based on their emission levels. Will drop dairy/meat demand and increase demand for plant-based food/lab-made crap.
  3. Meat products cause cancer, obesity and early mortality though no supporting, truly independent sources of this science provided.
  4. Meat products are main cause of communicable diseases!!
  5. Dairy and meat are main causes of antibiotic resistance in humans, worldwide! Not prescription drugs.
  6. The kids under the age of 18 need to be targeted in schools, both formally and informally to drive the change. So catch ’em young, get them out on climate marches (to hell with dropping academic achievement standards), stock school libraries with gems from the likes of Gavin Bishop etc…

It’s really an all-round, wrap around solution to destroy farming as we know it. So, don’t take my word for it – register at and see what’s around the corner.


😏 And we’ve not even added new water legislation, Three Waters Reform, SNA legislated land grabs, cropping deadlines etc to the list.

*Guest Author: Jaspreet Boporai. a 42 year old wife, mum of two kids (6, 4) and a dairy farmer. She and her husband manage 1500 cows over two farms in Western Southland for a large equity partnership.

Jaspreet got her degree in accounting from Massey and has also been bookkeeping for the last decade.

She and her husband moved to NZ in 2009, swapping 80 hour weeks in corporate banking for prob longer weeks in farming! (her husband has done his MBA and Jaspreet was a mortgage underwriter in India).

Hailing from Punjab (the epicentre of Indian farmer protests), India’s wheat basket, the love of land runs strong in the couple and wanting to go large scale farming got them to New Zealand.

Jaspreet’s family has been serving in the Indian army for many generations and nearly 30 years ago, her dad served in the Indian army contingent under the aegis of the United Nations in Africa. Thus, began her interest in all things UN related!

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