Electoral Commission Hiring Electorate Managers

Electoral Commission Hiring Electorate Managers

Published On: 16 August 2022| Categories: Editorial| 0.7 min read|

Following on from the last few weeks of encouraging people to engage in the Local Body Elections, we have found another opportunity – although this one has stricter requirements 📃

The Electoral Commission is currently hiring Electorate Managers across NZ to start work in February 2023. They will recruit for other roles as part of the general election at a later stage.

These positions require vaccination (at least at this point in time) – so much for an ‘inclusive democracy’ 🙄

We know it shouldn’t be like this, but we also know there are people in our networks that would meet the requirements for these positions – if that is you and you’re concerned about election integrity, here is an opportunity to be part of the process 🏛

Link to job page: https://elections.nz/jobs/electorate-manager/

Application deadline: 29 August ⏳

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