Food Crisis On The Horizon: Plant A Garden

Food Crisis On The Horizon: Plant A Garden

Published On: 6 April 2022| Categories: Editorial| 0.7 min read|

The price of diesel has gone up so much that it cost Valetta grain farmer David Clark $4000 to fill up his combine harvester.

By the time he had finished harvesting a milling wheat crop that night it was empty and needed filling again.

A full tank only cost him $1700 last year.

Mr Clark said there was no alternative, but to pass on the extra cost to shoppers who would have to pay more for their bread.

He said it was a sharp reminder for all those in favour of banning oil and gas that substantially increased food prices would follow.

“Everything is going up. The food crisis we are heading into as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine could be the biggest food crisis globally in history. People haven’t grasped that yet.”

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