Open, Tolerant, Free?

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Some of you may be sat in a comfy spot with your cuppa and a bickie, ready to tune into the Free Speech Fridays slot with VFF and Michael Laws on The Platform…

It seems that Claire and Alia were too hot to handle with their evidence-based talking points and ‘dangerous’ views.

The message from on high at the Platform is that the Friday show has been canned.

Shock horror.

Following an appalling week of Sean’s uninformed, arrogant rants directed at anyone questioning the safety of certain products or calling for precaution, the decision was hardly a surprise.

We are scratching up this little bump in the road as yet another mark on the VFF Cancellation Chalkboard…

🚫Merch suppliers

🚫Flyer & sign printers

🚫Newspaper advertising

🚫Billboard advertising

🚫Poster advertising

🚫Venue hire

🚫Event booking systems

🚫Social media deplatforming

🚫Mainstream media blacklists and attack campaigns

🚫Pseudo-alt media ‘free speech’ platform…

We know how many of you felt about The Platform. There was much hope that it would be ‘the place’ where open discussion could actually take place. But, alas, the entrenched views of those in charge and the bullying nature of many of the interviews have turned a lot of people off. They turned us off too.

Our choice to accept the opportunity was based on our decision to walk the talk. How can we encourage others to have courageous conversations if we can’t model that ourselves? We stand for openness, transparency, discussion, and debate, but if we remain in our own echo chambers, does any change happen?

The Platform offered us a chance to practise and get stronger. It also offered a different audience. We did our best, and we are proud of the way we handled ourselves.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re not the type to remain silent or to be knocked off our perches for long!

The reason the Government has entire dossier documents on VFF is that we are a threat to their narrative and plans.

We’re smart, organised, and well-supported, and we don’t give up. Every time we get knocked down, we rally hard and come back even stronger.

Which is why 2023 is going to be a doozy. We have plans that will be announced in due course, and we’re really quite excited about them!

In the meantime, we have some great guests lined up to come on the show. Steve Kirsch is returning THIS Monday to continue our discussion. We will be looking at his new ‘Why Can’t We Talk About It?’ campaign running in newspapers and media in his part of the world. It seems there might be a smidge more freedom in that space in the US of A…

Register here for your spot here and bring your questions:

Lastly, remember that you are part of something incredible and unique in the world. Your support and actions are driving positive change in New Zealand. Together we are making a difference.

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