Out With The Traffic Lights, In With The Pointsman

Out With The Traffic Lights, In With The Pointsman

Published On: 13 September 2022| Categories: Editorial| 3.9 min read|

The ‘Traffic Light System’ (TLS) ended at midnight last night.

  • Mask recommendations and mandates are ditched, except in healthcare settings and aged care facilities.
  • Government injection mandates will end in two weeks on 26 September but employers get to decide whether they keep restrictions in place.
  • Household contacts of positive COVID-19 cases are no longer required to isolate for a week. Seven-day isolation is still required for all positive COVID-19 cases.
  • There are no more vaccination requirements for overseas travellers and aircrew

Mental Health & Human Consequences

The Prime Minister noted in her prepared speech yesterday that she was concerned about people’s mental health, stating, “I don’t want people’s wellbeing to be the price of Covid.”

Well, it’s a bit late for that, Jacinda.

Our PM failed to acknowledge that her 24/7 stream of fear-inducing Covid-response propaganda directed at the NZ public has driven the country’s collective mental health to new lows.

Social media platforms are filled with desperate people fearing the worst when the masks come off today.

Mandates divided us. They destroyed dreams, livelihoods, families, friendships, futures, and lives.

Critical sectors, industries, and businesses have been dealt blow after blow. Many are on their knees and they’ve just received yet another thump in the form of an impromptu public holiday – buying votes with other people’s money.

Meanwhile, seemingly oblivious to the blatant hypocrisy, Jacinda kept a straight face from the ‘Podium Of Truth’ as she said in respect of the ongoing wearing of masks: “We all just need to respect everyone’s individual decisions.”

Our Thoughts

Are we happy our Dear Leader has finally read the room, noted the dissent, and seen sense? Yes.

Is there serious damage that still needs to be recognised, addressed, and remedied? Also yes. If that’s even possible.

Do we believe this about-turn had anything to do with evidence? Jacinda’s cabinet roundly ignored the evidence for the past two years, so why would they start paying attention now…

This was never about health – it has always been political.

It Was You!

The shift we have witnessed over the past few weeks culminating in yesterday’s announcement is because of people like you:

  • Freedom lovers who continued to stand up and speak out no matter the cost.
  • Courageous people who stood resolute in their principles, unafraid to exercise their rights and ask the tricky questions.
  • Those who saw through the lies right from the start and those who have recently awakened to the madness.
  • Otherwise quiet Kiwis who dialled up the volume to challenge the nonsense even when their voices wobbled.
  • Folk who refused to cover their faces – in the shops, at the supermarkets, in schools, at medical centres, on buses and trains, in their airports, and on planes.
  • People who refused to buy into the hype, choosing instead to retain their humanity and connection with those around them.
  • Those who kept reading, thinking, and questioning the official narrative.
  • The kind-hearted who supported one another with compassion, openness and acceptance through some of the hardest times of our lives.
  • The determined New Zealanders who shunned the medical apartheid, got creative and found new ways to meet their needs, organise, and connect.
  • People who support organisations like ours to bring people together, challenge the status quo, and educate the public on issues of importance.
  • VFF supporters who, week after week, stood on roadsides smiling and holding signs and helped to fund and hand-deliver 5 million flyers, including our recent mask campaign.
  • Movements like ours, whose numbers continue to grow and swell to a size that Jacinda can no longer ignore.

What Lies Ahead?

Many have that uneasy feeling that this is not over. So long as the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act 2020 is still in place, it can’t be. The current situation warrants the dumping of the restrictions but apparently not the removal of the ‘emergency’ legislation. That would be a sensible step too far.

The power’s been cut to the traffic lights and there’s a cop en route to the scene with his white gloves ready for point duty.

Where will New Zealand’s attention be directed next? Might it be ‘climate change’ restrictions? Perhaps the energy crisis? The ‘need’ for digital ID and currency? Food shortages? Gaslighting over explosive inflation?

Your guess is as good as ours.

But one thing’s for sure, in order to remove ourselves from this endless game we need to get stronger – as individuals, families, and communities. We need to Rebuild Free and never allow ourselves to be vulnerable to tyrannical leaders, restrictions, laws, and manufactured social pressure ever again.


Alia x


Voices For Freedom

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