Farmers' Tax Protest - Tractor

Farmers’ Tax Protest

Published On: 21 October 2022| Categories: Press Release| 0.9 min read|

VFF has been standing up for NZ farming since our very first gatherings in January 2021.

We have always been very conscious that what affects Kiwi farmers affects all New Zealanders.

On Thursday we stood in solidarity with farmers across the country to oppose top-down, costly, and unworkable government regulations.

VFF’s positive and vibrant presence around the country was well received, with our members representing the largest percentage of protest supporters. Our cheerful manner and relevant and engaging signs helped to raise public awareness of the issues and were met with an enthusiastic response from the public.

Mainstream media’s negative focus and attempts to smear and divide the two major organisations involved have been obvious and their messaging is at odds with VFF’s interactions with Groundswell management and representatives.

Kiwis are realising that VFF stands for much more than the narrow labels applied by media. This week saw an increase in VFF local group sign-ups; sending a clear signal supporters intend to become actively involved in standing up and speaking out on important issues.

Farmers' Tax Protest

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