SkyCity Wins The Gold Medal For…

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The roulette wheels aren’t the only thing spinning at NZ’s largest casino, SkyCity.

SkyCity’s Communications Team is in PR-spin overdrive with the latest offering from the Public Relations Institute of NZ (PRINZ):

Collective Immunity Protects our Community – an afternoon of tone-deaf, self-congratulatory clap-trap focused on the organisation’s efforts to impose vaccine mandates upon their entire workforce of 2800 employees.

The team’s claim to fame? Winning the Silver Award from PRINZ for beating the government in the disturbingly dystopian race to force an experimental pharmaceutical product on their staff. Their mothers must be so proud.

Reading the sales pitch for this $10-per-ticket event, one could be forgiven for wondering whether this special webinar already took place last year in 2021 when many had naively swallowed the government and media’s ‘community immunity’ sales pitch.

We double-checked the date, and mind-blowingly, the webinar is this year – November 24, 2022.

It would appear that SkyCity’s PR gurus have spent far too much time immersed in their ignorance bubble, drinking their own KoolAid. Instead of reading the science, evidence, and data surrounding the Covid jab and its inability to prevent infection, transmission, or, in any way, contribute to the ‘community immunity’ the government promised, the Comms Team opted to stick to the narrative like super glue.

According to SkyCity, overriding human rights, destroying livelihoods, and dividing society in the pursuit of unattainable ‘safety’ is a good thing and worthy of an industry award.

The promo states that the Internal Comms Team “executed a thorough plan” that used the following tricks to “inform and empower people to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated.” Further weasel words include:

  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • The influence of a certain pink-haired ‘community leader’

Let’s explore these concepts a little…

INFORMING: By ‘informing’ do they actually mean plucking biased and unsupported government talking points from the ether to guilt-trip and browbeat their workforce into submission?

EMPOWERING: There ain’t nothing as empowering as being made to choose whether to feed your kids this week or to plump your pillow and pull up the duvet over your children in the back seat of your car.

CREATIVITY: In lieu of scientific evidence to support their grossly misinformed and unethical stance, SkyCity needed a bunch of virtue-signalling PR buzzwords to bamboozle and convince their workers instead… But was it the words or the threat that won out in the end?

EMPATHY (schmempathy): We know that a casino company will never score highly in any ethics, integrity, or empathy competition and probably shouldn’t even bother pretending. SkyCity’s exclusive version of empathy focused narrowly on the incorrect notion that one could protect others by getting jabbed. We bet SkyCity failed to display genuine compassion towards the predicament of its staff forced to choose between their health or their job. These are hollow words from the PR team.

‘COMMUNITY LEADERS’: The years 2020 and 2021 saw government and media reliance upon a shallow pool of ‘experts’ to boost their propaganda rocket in popularity. Leaders were specially chosen for their ability to connect with the public to communicate and convince people to override their intuition and conscience to fall in line with government edicts and an unwritten social contract.

The Comms Team implies that ‘pink-haired’ Siouxsie Wiles was engaged to coerce their workforce into making ‘the right decision.’ Throughout 2021, Ms. Wiles wore out her Zoom shoes popping up in staff indoctrination sessions across the country. We were party to several meetings where the magenta-maned master liberally disseminated disinformation…

We wonder:

  • Did Ms. Wiles also treat the SkyCity staffers to her special presentation including the infamous erectile dysfunction slides? Or was that one reserved solely for the almost exclusively male border worker community?
  • Which insights will Amy and Vena (from the PR team) share from their journey to “keep SkyCity employees safe” in the time of Covid-19, and how they will justify their draconian measures?

  • Whether SkyCity’s dedication to ‘safety’ extends to supporting staff injured by their industry-leading compulsory jabs?

We may never find out the answers to these questions, as paying $10 to listen to such self-absorbed brain-rot is not high on our list of priorities. But one thing’s for sure, SkyCity wins the gold medal for having New Zealand’s most smug, tone-deaf, and wilfully blind PR team.



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