Still Wearing A Mask?

Still Wearing A Mask?

Published On: 4 July 2022| Categories: Editorial, Face Masks| 0.9 min read|

Still wearing a mask?
Not all the time?
Just some of the time?

Not because you believe the lie.
Not because you really think they do anything much.
But because …

It’s no big deal Claire.
I just don’t want to make a fuss.
I’m just being respectful of other people.
It’s only for a minute while I duck into the store.
It’s just when I fly.
I just don’t mind doing it.

But, here’s the thing.
It is a big deal.
It really does matter.

And yes…
wearing it under your chin,
around your wrist,
hanging off one ear.
That’s still wearing it.
That’s still complying.

When you wear a mask you’re going along with a government directive that makes no sense.

A directive that exists purely to maintain its control over you and to show the population at large that you are controlled.

In short, masks are political medicine masquerading as medical science.

If you’re reading this and you know exactly what I mean, then standing up and speaking out is not only your right but your duty.

Learn The Truth About Mask Exemptions In NZ: HERE

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