Theft Of Your Water Under Your Nose

Theft Of Your Water Under Your Nose

Published On: 19 July 2021| Categories: Agenda 21/2030, Editorial| 2.2 min read|

So, how’s it going where you live?

What’s the spin you’re being given while councils across the country hand over water infrastructure worth $120 billion for $2 billion plus a $500 million Sweetener?

How are you dealing with the theft of your water, under your nose, either via bribes or failing that, just being rammed in via legislation?

Have you questioned your council/mayor/local MP, yet? Asked them what would be the cost of going it alone and opting out of the Three Waters reform.

Are you even going to raise the issue?

Or are you happy with the privilege of being able to buy back water, at the whims of the newly-created crown entities and the Iwi, who’ll be jointly controlling your water, at astronomical rates?

Or have you been silenced already with all the media narrative, about any questioning carrying the risk of you being labelled ‘racist’? Even if it’s a straight out money grab, you’d prefer not to rock the boat?

So, you dare not call a theft a theft?

Do you perhaps believe that giving up the water infrastructure for a pittance now, will help save you thousands of dollars annually, as dear Leader says?

Is #bekindbeblind your way of dealing with these minor inconveniences?

What example do you set for your kids/grandkids/community, when faced with tackling an issue, for which they will bear the repercussions?

Do you think these land, water and other tax grabs will end here? That if you ignore this one, that’s where it will end?

You’ll still be able to access beaches, go fishing, diving, boating, unrestricted in the future, you presume?


a 42 year old wife, mum of two kids (6, 4) and a dairy farmer. She and her husband manage 1500 cows over two farms in Western Southland for a large equity partnership.

Jaspreet got her degree in accounting from Massey and has also been bookkeeping for the last decade.

She and her husband moved to NZ in 2009, swapping 80 hour weeks in corporate banking for prob longer weeks in farming! (her husband has done his MBA and Jaspreet was a mortgage underwriter in India).

Hailing from Punjab (the epicentre of Indian farmer protests), India’s wheat basket, the love of land runs strong in the couple and wanting to go large scale farming got them to New Zealand.

Jaspreet’s family has been serving in the Indian army for many generations and nearly 30 years ago, her dad served in the Indian army contingent under the aegis of the United Nations in Africa. Thus, began her interest in all things UN related!

Water Insult

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