Three Long And Wearisome Covid Years

Published On: 6 February 2023| Categories: Editorial| 3.5 min read|

by Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

It’s been approximately three years, three long and wearisome years, since the madness descended upon us.

Some of us thought that the story about a wet-market bat in Wuhan was an obviously deliberate deception.

Some of us thought that the globally-synchronized rush to shut down the world and pursue a single solution – the so-called vaccine – was an omen.

Some of us thought that our medical institutions, by pushing lockdowns for the healthy, masks for everybody, school closures and remote learning and work, among other things, all the while neglecting early treatment and prevention, had betrayed us and themselves profoundly and inexplicably.

Some of us hesitated to believe that the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID was legitimate.

Some of us, looking around carefully to notice a dearth of dead bodies regularly scooped up off the streets, doubted that we were truly in the midst of a devastating pandemic.

Some of us chose to heed the therapeutic advice of Drs. Vladimir Zelenko, Pierre Kory and Peter McCullough, the epidemiological findings of Dr. John Ioannidis, and the grave warnings about the mRNA inoculation by Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi and Mike Yeadon, and many others.

Some of us simply listened to our own autonomous good sense and reasoned that there was no cause to be hysterically alarmed and no need to receive a newly-introduced injection for which long-term studies were absent.

Some of us were mystified by the increasingly vehement language used to subject us to political and medical dictates.

Some of us wondered why doctors stopped being doctors and instead became meek unthinking servants who forgot all about informed consent, individualized treatment and the principle of not doing harm.

Some of us predicted that the generation of spike proteins and the introduction of messenger RNA into our cells might result in a plethora of devastating consequences for health, consequences that could not be described in their entirety but which could include vascular compromise, strokes, inflammatory autoimmune reactions and a weakening of our immune system’s ability to function properly and robustly.

Some of us were disgusted by the attempt to scapegoat those who refused to be inoculated by an unnecessary and potentially dangerous agent, and to exclude us from the fabric of society.

Some of us bristled at the attempts to deny us the right to congregate, worship, protest and, in countries like New Zealand, even to take a swim.

Some of us didn’t accept that young children having strokes or dropping dead, or super-fit athletes dying on the pitch, or regular folks perishing far sooner than expected was normal.

Some of us gave up our jobs and lost many friendships for making a decision to think for ourselves and reject ill-conceived coercions.

Some of us also saw that the Corona War was the first big battle in a mission to digitize, control and enslave much of the now-depopulating population.

Some of us called a spade a spade and murder, by any other name – such as ‘excess mortality’ – murder. .

Others, now three years down the line, as a mountain of evidence that can no longer be concealed, even by MSM propaganda, accumulates about the serious risks of the jabs, aside from their inefficacy, are beginning to give public mea culpas for their initial and often rabid promotion of the global governmental/media position.

Some of these others have dared to ask how those of us could have been so right so early on:

‘What was our secret?’

They have had the chutzpah to criticize us for not having warned them emphatically enough in the midst of the fear-frenzy:

‘Why hadn’t we pulled them up by the lapels and shaken some sense into them? Why were we so selfish with our knowledge, and so timid in our campaign?’

To all these others, late-comers to the party of truth, standing at the gates on Judgment Day, I have two words, which I will not say.

Instead, I ask:

“Why were you such cowards? Where was your common sense?”

Emanuel E. Garcia, M.D.

The original source of this article is Global Research Copyright © Dr. Emanuel Garcia, Global Research, 2023

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