VFF! Where Are You?

VFF! Where Are You?

Published On: 17 August 2021| Categories: Covid 19 Vaccine, Editorial| 2.5 min read|

The L4 lockdown comes as no surprise to us and we are sure many of you too! As is the pattern, the public has been well-prepped to expect these measures should another “case” appear… And magically appear it did!

Our supporters will be aware that right from the start we have opted to take a different approach than the traditional forms of protest. It’s no secret – we mention it in our weekly broadcasts and on our website too. The feedback we receive regularly on this stance is overwhelmingly positive.

The main goal of Voices for Freedom is to reach everyday Kiwis with our message; specifically those already tuned into an inner sense that something isn’t right with this picture.

The fact that VFF is not out protesting on the streets risking arrest during L4 should not be alarming. The authorities will be looking for people to hold up as an example of what NOT to do, furthering division and driving ill-feeling towards those holding legitimate concerns.

Having our people used as an excuse to keep NZ locked down for an extended period of time is not appealing to us, nor do we believe it will help to attract others to our cause. Amplifying the negative optics of rowdy groups hitting the empty streets & breaking the rules is what the authorities will be expecting… Why play that game?

So, what ARE we going to do?

We are going to get creative!

We have some plans that we will keep under our hats for now and others we will be sharing via our social media, newsletter, and local Freedom Hub groups. So, keep an eye on your inbox and remember to check your spam!

To start with we have shifted our large Auckland event ONLINE! We have been busy behind the scenes setting up the capacity to broadcast live to a much larger crowd – thousands! (Find out more and book your ticket here)

This won’t be our only broadcast – we are looking to kickstart Lockdown TV, so make sure you are signed up for our newsletter! We aren’t asking for your first born child, or your entire crypto stash.. yet! Just kidding! All we need is your name and email and we are good to go.

Over the next 24 hours we will be loading a collection of shareables onto our website. These will be in the form of downloadable memes and posters for printing for people to share online or to put in the windows of their cars (and anywhere else creative and legal they can think of). Our FB channel might be down, but that doesn’t stop people sharing our message on their own pages and in the comments sections of mainstream media posts.

If you want to be a part of reaching your fellow New Zealander to highlight the madness, now is the time! People are home and many will be online!

Catch up soon,

The Voices for Freedom Team

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