What Are The Real Reasons Our Health System Is Overwhelmed?

What Are The Real Reasons Our Health System Is Overwhelmed?

Published On: 21 July 2022| Categories: Editorial| 0.7 min read|

How is it that the health system is so overwhelmed when we haven’t even reached 2019 levels of flu yet?

🤔 What ELSE could be filling up those hospital beds?

🤔 Or, could it be that staff absenteeism is so high that the staff-to-bed ratio has tanked?

🤔 All made worse by lower staffing levels due to health mandates?

Overseas doctors and pathologists speak of enormous increases in reactivated latent diseases, rapid onset “wildfire” cancers, and general immune dysfunction impacting those who took the boost-juice.

Could we be seeing the same here?

👉🏼 Will anyone look, ask, or make any connections?

👉🏼 Will the proper research into non-specific longer-term adverse effects EVER be done?

Check out Alia’s conversation with Dr. Ryan Cole, a courageous pathologist from Idaho in the US. They spoke about this issue and more: https://odysee.com/@voicesforfreedom:6/Special-Guest-Dr-Ryan-Cole:8

Reference for the chart (Flutracking survey): https://info.flutracking.net/reports/new-zealand-reports/

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