Why You Should Care About Government Lies

Published On: 16 January 2023| Categories: Editorial| 3.4 min read|

This article relates to Part One and Part Two of Covid and our Kiwi Kids written by Thomas Cranmer.

Part 2 of Cranmer’s damning exposure of government lies is out now…

In his article, he covers the recommendations from the Covid-19 Technical Advisory Group (CV TAG), specifically:

  • To classify a single dose for under 18s as fully jabbed for the purposes of government mandates.
  • That mandates should not apply to those under 18.
  • That young people had a very low risk of harm from Covid and that individual patient decisions on whether or not to take a second shot should be weighed against the risk of myocarditis.

Tell me, did anyone hear anything from our government officials at those endless briefings about our youth needing to weigh the risks and benefits of taking the jab due to elevated chances of experiencing myocarditis?

I didn’t. And I was paying pretty close attention.

Here’s my take on the situation

We knew from very early in 2021 that myocarditis was registering as a safety signal, particularly for younger people and more so for young men. Because NZ was behind the rest of the world in its rollout, we were in the advantageous position to simply LOOK overseas to see what was happening there. Our gov’t officials seemed incapable of doing that.

Overseas health regulators acted under the precautionary principle regarding jabbing their youth. Recommendations were made in the UK, Canada, and Australia for the jab to be given ONLY to 12 to 15-year-olds at high risk. Our government ignored this move and the clear reasons for it.

The government took at least six months to convey the seriousness of this risk to medical professionals properly. In the meantime, the largest drive this country has ever seen took place. Kiwis in no way received adequate information to be able to give informed consent to this procedure.

The government wanted every man, woman, and child in the country jabbed with as many doses as they deemed necessary (a measure that continued to increase over time due to the product’s ineffectiveness). They held our freedoms as a carrot and coerced our low-risk youth with access to entertainment, education, employment and training, sports, driver’s license tests, social activities, and more to break them and force compliance. Many were harmed as a result.

The reason our government chose to ignore the advice from their very own advisory group, in particular altering the dosing schedule due to safety concerns, was because NO ADMISSION OF RISK COULD BE ALLOWED TO EXIST.

They went so far in their commitment to deceive that they ordered the scrubbing of any reference to the risk of myocarditis from official messaging.

Official admission of a problem warranting a departure from the uniform dosing interval recommendation for all would have generated uncomfortable questions that our leaders weren’t prepared to answer. It would also have been latched onto by groups such as ours and amplified to ensure that Kiwis understood their decisions’ true nature.

And so, they lied. They reassured us the jab was safe and made noises about dosing interval changes being based on efficacy while wholly and deliberately avoiding the problems with safety.

Why should you care?

The NZ government has lied to the public – repeatedly.

Government ministers, including our Prime Minister, have deliberately put you and your children at risk of harm from an experimental product with known serious adverse effects.

If these people are not held to account by the public, there will be no incentive for them or others to never do this again to the people of New Zealand.

This is why it is essential to speak up. There is no time for complacency. We are being ruled by reckless tyrants who care more about their power and agendas than your health. These documents prove that fact.

Have a conversation today. Voice your dissatisfaction – everywhere. Ask questions of others. Be a part of a change for good. Stand up for what is right and for your children’s and our nation’s future!

Alia x

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