Will Your Child Be Part Of The Experiment?

Will Your Child Be Part Of The Experiment?

Published On: 19 January 2022| Categories: Covid 19 Vaccine| 0.6 min read|

The day has come when New Zealand children officially become prey for pharmaceutical companies with legal immunity for the harm their products cause to Kiwi kids.

Will your child be part of this massive government sanctioned experiment?

Perhaps you’re choosing a cautious ‘wait and see’ approach to observe from afar before making a choice.

Or, maybe you are taking stronger measures to shield your kids from the influence of these policies and the potential harm that accompanies them.

Regardless of your choice, we all have a voice and now is the time to use it.

Voices for Freedom now have a selection of child-focused memes up on the website that can be downloaded and shared wherever you please.

Download and share some today!


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