Masks Are Mandatory (They Say)

Masks Are Mandatory (They Say)

Published On: 2 August 2021| Categories: Covid 19 Vaccine, Face Masks| 2.1 min read|

“We fly for you.”

They say.

“Where’s your mask?”

They say.

“Masks are mandatory.”

They say.

I check in.


Like many times before.

But this time:

Hands shaking.

Heart racing.

Not from fear of flying face free.


From reaching my limit.

In dealing with the madness all around.

From an overwhelming urge.

To call out the psychosis.

Somehow, I swallow my scream.

“I don’t have a mask.”

I say.

“I don’t wear a mask.”

I say.

“I have an exemption.”

I say.

(The last through gritted teeth.)

And so, I check in.

Wishing all the time

I could check out

From this Orwellian nightmare.

I’m embarrassed for the humans I’m surrounded by.




“Wellington will be in level 2 when we land.”

They say.

“Please keep a safe distance in the aisles.”

They say.

All the while packing us in like sardines in an economy seat sandwich.

On Auckland tarmac.

180 pairs of eyes turn towards one unmasked passenger,

Packing her luggage in the overhead locker.

“How dare you?”

Say the eyes.

“We know, we know, it doesn’t make sense, but we have to”

Say the eyes.

“It’s mandatory.”

Say the eyes.




“We’ll shortly be serving tea, coffee and a cookie.”

They say.

“You can remove your mask while you’re eating and drinking.”

They say.

“Just be sure to replace it securely after.”

They say.

And the people do as they’re told.




Come on Kiwis.

Wake Up.

Stand Up.

Speak Out.

If you ever wondered.

How we got to the gas chambers.

And you’re wearing a mask on a plane.

Eating your cookie.

Get out a mirror

Take a good long look

And hear what your own eyes

Have to say to you.

Claire Deeks, Wellington 24 June 2021

Find out about mask exemptions here.

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And here is what you find when you check out the “science” behind mask with an Official Information Act Enquiry on Masks. Points 37, 42, 57, 62.8** and 71 are all worthy of further investigation, discussion and debate.


The OIA previously linked to here and shown below has been deleted from official website. Another OIA references the same information and is found here

And in case that one also gets taken down see this one



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