MOH - Lawyering Up

MOH – Lawyering Up

Published On: 15 September 2022| Categories: Changing Guidelines| 3.3 min read|

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Vaccinators should be very afraid after the Ministry of Health has placed blame on a pharmacy worker who did not inform clients of adverse risks.

An inquest into 26-year-old Rory Nairn’s death from Myocarditis that has been attributed to his vaccination is underway in Dunedin.

The Ministry of Health is blaming a Dunedin pharmacist and its employee who administered the vaccine without fully informing him of possible harm.

Nairn, who received his first Pfizer vaccine on November 5, died at his home on November 17, 2021.

This has far-reaching consequences for the army of weekend volunteers and health professionals who hurriedly administered the vaccine to the nation.

Just how much information was passed on at the carpark drive through or local marae will come under scrutiny with every new case of vaccine injury and death.

This inquiry will also alert many Kiwis to just how nasty and hypocritical this government is.

The employee, not held responsible by Mr Nairn’s family, was left sobbing after blame was levelled at them by the government’s well-heeled legal team.

Yes, the pharmacy worker did not tell Nairn of adverse reactions including myocarditis but just how clearly this was expected of them is to be clarified.

Through the mismanagement of our economy and the growing list of policy failings, many Kiwis are now realising the ineptitude of this administration under Ardern.

It’s not a giant leap for that clumsiness to manifest itself at all levels of the Covid response too.

In many cases, any warnings would have been summarily dismissed by those rolling up their sleeve at the clinic.

Because what truly muddies the waters and reveals just how hypocritical this government can be is how they are glossing over the dogged and relentless promotion of the vaccine as being safe by them.

Many like Mr Nairn, who was vaccine-hesitant, had already been convinced it was safe through multi-million dollar PR campaigns, telethon-style events and one-sided assertions from mainstream media and their anointed intellectuals.

Much of the information that may have led Mr Nairn to check his symptoms were also removed when they fell under the far too broad banner of mis and dis-information.

And this blinkered view of the vaccine’s effectiveness of course goes right to the top.

In her bid to alleviate Kiwi’s concerns and after receiving her jab our own beleaguered leader declared on her Facebook post… “I got a sore arm!”

But she then shut the post down when bombarded by tens of thousands of Kiwis suffering much more serious side effects including symptoms mirroring Mr Nairn’s.

There is no doubt that upholding the claim that the vaccine was safe was paramount over and above highlighting its dangers. Anything negative was sugar-coated.

All other means were also deployed including lockdowns, threats to employment and mandates to expedite the roll-out.

No one denies vaccine-related deaths or injuries in New Zealand. What’s yet to be determined are the numbers.

Many Kiwis do not even know how badly they were affected or how close they were to dying on their bathroom floor, like Mr Nairn.

Many others will have yet to link injuries or deaths of their loved ones to the jab.

In its contract with the New Zealand government, Pfizer has undoubtedly assured itself an exemption from liability.

And the Ministry of Health is showing it has an out too. More than likely this is just one trick up a very long sleeve.

Will individual vaccinators have liability insurance? Can they afford to defend themselves in court against Goliath?

Ardern is refusing to undergo a review of the Covid-19 response despite this being normal good practice.

At the very least we will learn to better safeguard our mental and financial wellbeing should, heaven forbid, we have to endure another outbreak.

At best – the right people will be held accountable.

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