VFF Meets With Human Rights Commission

VFF Meets With Human Rights Commission

Published On: 23 February 2022| Categories: Press Release| 4 min read|



Voices For Freedom yesterday gave a voice to those negatively impacted by the government’s Covid-19 response, in a conciliation hui with the Human Rights Commission.

Guest speakers bravely shared stories of pain, suffering, and losing loved ones after the Covid jab. Tears were shed around the room as the speakers told their stories of heartbreak of being ignored, vilified and rejected by the government, the medical profession and society.

Others spoke about the pain of losing jobs and homes, and hearts broke hearing of the enormous hurt and loss caused to their communities trying to manage without their experience and talent, all due to vaccine mandates.

In addition, several well-respected scientists, doctors and lawyers delivered presentations touching on various issues such as Covid data, therapeutics, informed consent and human rights. They spoke clearly and honestly about factual data regarding covid cases, deaths and vaccine injury.

Others attending included the Police and representatives from The Freedom and Rights Coalition, The Health Forum NZ, NZDSOS and independents.

Invitations to attend in person or via Zoom were sent to multiple Politicians. It is regretful that they did not make the most of this offer to enter into dialogue.

We have requested meetings with the government on several occasions, and their continued unwillingness to engage or even respond is frustrating and shameful. Their silence is deafening.

Voices for Freedom is thankful to Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt for graciously hosting this significant and emotional hui. The opportunity to feel heard is vital in the face of devastating hurt and is a good first step, opening the door to helpful dialogue and understanding.

The government’s Covid response, including mandates, the Traffic Light System, and vaccine passports, have torn families apart, destroyed careers and caused considerable harm to the lives of many New Zealanders by creating a two-class society. The pain of those not jabbed and those injured or killed by the jab feels unbearable. What became clear from the hui is that many do not know the devastating consequences Covid response measures, including the jab roll-out, have had on New Zealanders.

But now, some do know, and they heard stories and data they will never forget.

Voices For Freedom is of the view that there is no demonstrable justification for the mandates, and they should be immediately scrapped as disproportionate after recent comments by Dr Betty who said “…in the last four to five weeks, the situation has changed dramatically with Omicron, which is not Delta – it’s much more like a common cold, flu-like illness … I think we need to move into a space very rapidly of thinking we’re going to live with this and get back to some sort of normality.” Furthermore, even the Prime Minister has now acknowledged that “Omicron [is] more mild and moderate for most people”.

Preferably, the government will wake up tomorrow and scrap the Covid Response Act with the mandates, passports and the like, but if they do not, Voices For Freedom asked the Human Rights Commission to advocate that the government do the following:

  1. Conduct an urgent proportionality review to address what is happening with the covid response right now. The government has mentioned a possible end of March date to end the mandates, but three or four weeks is a long time for people who are hurting or have nothing. Given what Dr Betty has said and that we have 500-700 deaths in New Zealand from the flu each year, the Covid Response Act, including the mandates, needs to go.
  2. Instigate an independent public enquiry into the entire covid response from February 2020.The government’s response to Covid has eroded the social fabric of New Zealand, potentially irrevocably. They have created a chasm that we’re worried might not close quickly. We need to go back and look at what happened and consider – ultimately – whether any of it was worth it. Sweden is the global exemplar, where those at risk were vaccinated, as well as those who chose this option of their own free will. In contrast in New Zealand, public and scientific debate on alternative options was comprehensively discouraged, and even resulted in unprecedented social and employment exclusion of thousands of our academics and medical experts.
  3. Institute constitutional reform. We cannot be in a position where this can happen again. No government should be able to trample human rights so easily. Nor should those asking legitimate questions be dismissed by the government under the guise of their views being labelled misinformation. We must make every effort to protect the fundamental human rights of New Zealanders, especially in a crisis when we’re most vulnerable and need them the most.


Please stand with us on the right side of history.

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