Masks Matter More Than You Think – Here’s Why…

Masks Matter More Than You Think – Here’s Why…2023-02-08T19:21:18+13:00

Masks Matter More Than You Think – Here’s Why…

Despite every other nation around the world having largely abandoned masks because, well, they don’t work, Jacinda is going hard at it again – flogging this horse for as long as she possibly can…

Why? Because she knows masks are essential for maintaining fear and compliance. They’re also symbolic of the loss of our freedom of speech.

What most people don’t realise is that masks are actually the linchpin of the entire Covid narrative…

Not because they reduce the spread of any virus, but because they’re a visual cue that prompts fear, submission, and conformity.

In other words, masks are a simple tool that gives the government immense controlwhich is why they’re spending vast amounts of your tax dollars to keep them around.

They know that without them, their whole narrative could come crashing down.

Know Your Rights & Say Goodbye To Masks For Good…

Stay Informed With New Zealand’s Fastest Growing Freedom Movement (100,000+ Strong and Counting)

Watch Mask Info Videos

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Backed By Science & Research…

Mask Mini-Kit

Your personal kit for understanding the law, your rights, and to arm you with resources for action!

Content of the kit:

  • Template emails and letters.
  • Link to the video walk-through of the relevant legislation.
  • Mask flyer PDF.
  • Key documents.
  • Shareables.
  • Suggested legal clauses print-outs.
Know your rights - face coverings & masks mini kit

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