British Govt May U-Turn On Compulsory NHS Staff Jabs

British Govt May U-Turn On Compulsory NHS Staff Jabs

Published On: 1 February 2022| Categories: Changing Guidelines| 0.6 min read|

It seems that the pressure of having 5% of NHS workers walk over mandates may result in a government U-turn in the UK.

“Mr Javid said the jabs requirement would be “kept under review”. When pressed on whether that meant the government was considering scrapping it he added: “We’re reflecting on it because we do have to accept that the virus has changed.””

Meanwhile, here in NZ, with access to the SAME data and information, our leaders push on regardless with their rigid plans…

The time is now – Stand up! Speak out!

Talk with people about the wildly different approaches happening in different countries and ask: What is so different? 🤔

Read the article HERE

Stay informed: 🙌

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